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1970 Oldsmobile Toronado
Optional Equipment

Image: 1970 Toronado shown in Astro Blue Metallic

Options shown above: C08 Vinyl Rooftop Covering in Black ($128.09); D33 Remote Control Outside Rearview Mirror ($10.53); P03 Louvered Full Wheel Discs ($40.02); P-- Triple Stripe Whitewall Tires ($--); and T87 Cornering Lamps ($36.86);

Image: 1970 Toronado Rear Shoulder Belts

Above: AS5 Rear Shoulder Belts ($23.17) are a rare option, not often ordered.

Image: 1970 Toronado Remote Control Outside Rearview Mirror

Above: D33 Remote Control Outside Rearview Mirror ($19.53) was a popular option, and allowed adjustment of the mirror outside without lowering the window glass.

Image: 1970 Toronado Wiper/Washer Control in Shift Lever Image: 1970 Toronado Triple-Stripe Whitewall Tires and Louvered Full Wheel Discs

Above: (Left) New for 1970: Washer/Wiper Control in Shift Lever—a light tap for a single wipe, and a firm press for a thorough wash. (Right) Triple-Stripe Whitewall Fiberglass-Belted Tires with P03 Louvered Full Wheel Discs ($40.02), make driving more convenient and dress up the exterior.

Did You Know?

When original owners took delivery of their new Toronados equipped with the optional Electric Defogging Rear Window, many thought they had an electrical problem when they attempted to clear their windows first thing in the morning. After starting the car, the first thing most people do is to set the heater controls to defrost the windshield. This requires the warmest air possible and high blower fan speeds.

On cars with the rear defroster, owners noticed that when they pressed the control to activate the wire grid in the rear window, that their heater blower motor would slow down considerably. Once the rear defroster had performed its magic and was shut off, the heater blower speed would again increase!

Naturally, many owners assumed there was something wrong with their Toronado's charging system, and they returned the car to the dealer for inspection. What they were told was a bit surprising.

Toronados equipped with the Electric Defogging Rear Window option include a relay mounted on the driver's side fender well near the brake master cylinder. This relay powers up the 30 amp circuit that provides power to the electrical grid embedded in the rear glass. The Rear Defrost switch mounted on the lower left side portion of the instrument panel completes the circuit to the relay on the fender well, and activates the little light on the switch to remind the driver that the rear defroster is on. But wait...there's more to it than that!

That relay also powers up a second relay whose sole purpose is to prevent the heater and air conditioner blower fan motor from running on high speeds at the same time the rear window defroster is operating! So anytime the rear defroster is turned on when the heater or defroster is running at high speed, by design the blower is throttled down to a lower speed, which made people think there was an electrical problem, and it had something to do with the rear defroster, since once it was turned off the blower motor fan speed would increase again!

AM had one original owner tell us he didn't realize this was an intended situation, and that he took the car back to the dealer several times to complain that the rear defroster zapped all the power and his heater and defroster weren't working as well as they should!

Once it was explained that this was an intentional situation, the owner knew to wait to turn on the rear defroster AFTER the windshield was defrosted!


A01 Soft-Ray Tinted Windshield and Windows ($47.39)
A31 Power Side Windows ($110.59)
A42 6-Way Power Bench Seat Adjuster ($100.05)
A46 4-Way Power Left Hand Bucket Seat Adjuster ($73.72)
A51 Strato Bucket Seats (Y69 required) (No Chg.)
A90 Power Trunk Lid Latch ($14.74)
A93 Power Door Locks ($44.76)
AK1 Deluxe Seat Belts, Front and Rear, and Front Shoulder Belts ($13.69)
AS4 Deluxe Rear Shoulder Belts ($26.33)
AS5 Rear Shoulder Belts ($23.17)
B32 Auxiliary Front Floor Mats ($10.01)
B33 Auxiliary Rear Floor Mats ($7.37)
B36 Heavy Duty Rubber Trunk Mat ($7.90)
B93 Chrome Door Edge Guards ($5.27)
C08 Vinyl Rooftop Covering ($128.49)
C49 Electric Defogging Rear Window ($47.39)
C60 Four-Season Air Conditioner ($421.28)
C61 Comfortron Air Conditioner ($500.27)
CD3 Washer/Wiper Control in Shift Lever*
D33 Remote Control Outside Rearview Mirror ($10.53)
C49 Electric Defogging Rear Window ($47.39)
D55 Sports Console (A51 required) ($50.56)
F41 Heavy-Duty Suspension System (21.06)
G66 Superlift Rear Shock Absorbers ($42.13)
JL9 TruTrak Rear Wheel Lock Control System* ($205) (Mid-year introduction)
K30 Automatic Cruise Control ($63.19)
M55 Auxiliary Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler ($15.80)
N33 Tilt-Away Steering Wheel (N/A with D55) ($45.29)
N37 Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel ($84.26)
P03 Louvered Full Wheel Discs ($40.02)
P06 Wheel Trim Rings ($18.43)
P26 White Stripe Fiberglass-Belted Tires* ($36.86)
PS3 Triple-Stripe Whitewall Fiberglass-Belted Tires* ($--)
T44 Inside Hood Lock ($--)
T81 Night Watch Headlamp Off-Delay Control* ($12.64)
T87 Cornering Lamps ($36.86)
U57 Stereo Tape Player (with U58) ($116.91)
U57 Stereo Tape Player (with U59 or U63) ($133.76)
U58 AM-FM Stereophonic Radio ($238.02)
U59 AM-FM Signal-Seeker Tuning Radio ($173.78)
U63 Deluxe Pushbutton Radio ($86.89)
U80 Bi-Phonic Rear Speaker (included with U57 and U58) ($16.85)
U89 Trailer Towing Electrical Wiring Harness ($10.53)
W34 High Performance Package ($47.39)
W39 Deluxe Front and Rear Lap Belts and Front Shoulder (with A51) ($12.11)
W39 Deluxe Front and Rear Lap Belts and Front Shoulder (without A51) ($13.69)
Y60 Lamp Convenience Group (without Y69) ($24.96)
Y60 Lamp Convenience Group (with Y69) ($11.80)
Visor Vanity Mirror
Underhood Lamp
Luggage Compartment Lamp
Combination Courtesy and Warning Door Lamps
Front Compartment Lamp

Y62 Special Order Paint ($83.20)
Colors available:
38 - Aegean Aqua Metallic
51 - Sebring Yellow (special order only)
53 - Nugget Gold Metallic
73 - Rally Red (special order only)

Y69 Custom Interior Trim ($173.78)
Y70 Paint Accent Stripe ($10.53)
Y72 Heavy Duty Engine Cooling Equipment (with C60 or C61) ($5.27)
Y72 Heavy Duty Engine Cooling Equipment (without C60 or C61) ($57.93)

*New option for 1970

1970 Toronado Option Installation Statistics


Strato Bucket Seats (1,780)
Cruise Control (7,121)
Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel (18,566)
Air Conditioning (23,398)
Vinyl Roof (21,364)
Power Windows (23,653)
GT Package (5,341)*
TruTrak Rear Wheel Lock Control System (5)

*Of the 5,341 cars built with the GT Package, the model breakdown is as follows:
Base Toronado (332)
Custom Model (5,009)

Image: 1970 Toronado Electric Defogging Rear Window Image: 1970 Toronado Inside Hood Lock Control

Above: (Left) C49 Electric Defogging Rear Window ($47.39) was a popular option that removed fog, frost, and thin ice from the rear window in a matter of seconds. (Right) Inside Hood Lock is seldom seen on Toronados, but seems like a really good idea. Standard inside hood releases on the 1971 Toronado would make this option obsolete.

Image: 1970 Toronado Stereo Tape Player Image: 1970 Toronado Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel

Above: (Left) U57 Stereo Tape Player ($116.91 with AM/FM Stereophonic Radio installation; $133.76 with other radios) provided separate controls for volume, tone, and balance. Channel selector allows operator to skip to next channel. (Right) N37 Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel ($84.26) allows steering wheel to be adjusted up, down, in, or out to accommodate the height and dimensions of any driver. Deluxe Steering Wheel is included with the Tilt and Telescope option.