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1967 Toronado
Optional Equipment

Image: 1967 Toronado script


A01 Windows, Soft-Ray Tinted (Includes A02) ($47.39)
A02 Windshield, Soft-Ray Tinted ($28.12)
A31 Windows, Power Side ($104.00)
A39 Seat Belts, Deluxe Front and Rear ($6.32)
A42 Seat Adjuster, 6-Way Power—For bench seat ($94.79)
A46 Seat Adjuster, 4-Way Power—For left-hand bucket seat (A51 required) ($69.51)
A51 Seats, Strato Bucket (No charge; available only on Toronado Deluxe model)
A68 Seat Belt, Rear Center (To match standard or deluxe belts) ($6.32 Standard or $7.90 Deluxe)
A69 Seat Backrest, Reclining Strato Bench—For right-hand side (Seat headrests recommended) (Deluxe Model only) ($31.60)
A70 Seat Backrest, Reclining Strato Bucket—For right-hand seat (A51 required; seat headrests recommended) (Deluxe Model only) ($31.60)
A81 Seat Headrests, Dual Front—For Strato Seats (Deluxe Model only) ($52.66)
A82 Seat Headrests, Dual Front—For conventional bench seat (Standard Model) ($42.13)
A85 Seat Shoulder Belts, Dual Front (To match standard or deluxe belts) ($23.17 Standard or $26.33 Deluxe)
A91 Trunk Lid Latch, Power (Heater required) ($12.64)
A93 Door Locks, Power (Heater required) ($44.73)
B32 Floor Mats, Auxiliary Front (Toronado or Toronado Deluxe) (Standard $9.90/Deluxe $6.25)
B33 Floor Mats, Auxiliary Rear ($7.29)
B36 Trunk Floor Mat, Heavy Duty Rubber ($7.90)
B93 Moldings, Chrome Door Edge Guard ($4.74)
C08 Rooftop Covering, Vinyl* ($84.26)
C48 Heater and Defroster, Delete ($94.90 Credit)
C50 Window Defogger, Rear ($21.06)
C60 Air Conditioner, Four Season (Heater required) ($343.20)
C61 Air Conditioner, Comfortron (Heater required) ($500.27)
D33 Mirror, Remote-Control Outside Rearview ($9.48)
D55 Console, Sports (A51 required) ($55)
G66 Shock Absorbers, Superlift Rear ($39.50)
K30 Cruise Control, Automatic ($84.26)
K60 Engine Air-Induction System, Climatic Combustion Control ($33.70)
K66 Engine Ignition System, Ultra High Voltage ($100)
N37 Steering Wheel, Tilt-and-Telescope ($78.99)
N98 Wheels and Trim Rings, Chrome Open-Spider (Toronado or Toronado Deluxe; Includes PO6) ($88.47)
P03 Wheel Discs, Deluxe ($46.34 Toronado or $27.91 Toronado Deluxe)*
P04 Tires, 8.85 x 15" Whitewall ($48.76)
P06 Wheel Trim Rings (Standard Model) ($18.43)
T87 Lamps, Cornering ($36.86)
U57 Stereo Tape Player (Includes rear speaker. Requires U58, U59, or U63 and Heater) ($111.64 with U58/$128.49 without U58)
U58 Radio, AM-FM Stereophonic (Includes rear speaker, except with U57)* ($238)
U59 Radio, AM-FM Signal-Seeker Tuning ($173.78)
U63 Radio, Deluxe Pushbutton ($86.89)
U71 Radio Antenna, Power (Front) ($29.12)
U80 Radio Speaker, Bi-Phonic Rear ($16.85)
U89 Wiring Harness, Trailer Electrical ($10.53)
Y60 Lamps and Mirror, Convenience
Toronado Model—Includes trunk and underhood lamps, and visor vanity mirror ($5.47)
Toronado Deluxe Model—Includes courtesy and open-door warning lamps, trunk and underhood lamps, and visor vanity mirror ($18.65)
Y70 Paint, G.T. Stripe ($10.53)
Y72 Engine Cooling Equipment, Extra Heavy Duty (Includes special radiator, heavy-duty water pump, Thermo-Cool engine fan and 55-ampere Delcotron; except with C60 or C61, or including C60 or C61) ($36.86)
Y73 Transmission Control, Heavy-Duty Automatic—For trailer towing ($5.27)

*New option for 1967

Highway Emergency Kit ($9.95)
Right Hand Outside Rear View Mirror ($5.25)
Visor Vanity Mirror ($1.85)
Heavy Duty Rubber Trunk Floor Mat ($7.20)

Image: 1967 Oldsmobile Reclining Strato Seat Backrest

Above: Reclining Strato Seat Backrest was available on the Deluxe Model for either the Strato (code A69) or Strato Bucket Seats (code A70). Available only for the passenger side, and Seat Headrests were recommended.

Image: 1967 Toronado Seat Headrest

Above: Optional Seat Headrests available for both Strato Seats (code A81) or the conventional bench seat (code A82). These same headrests were used on many GM vehicles at this time.

Image: 1967 Toronado options

Above: Optional Deluxe Wheel Discs (code P03), Cornering Lamps (code T87), Whitewall Tires (code P04), and GT Accent Stripe (code Y70).

Image: 1967 Toronado Stereo Tape Player

Above: Stereo Tape Player option (code U57) included rear speaker, and required one of the 3 optional radios be ordered, and the Heater delete was not available. The Stereo Tape Player had separate controls for Program, Balance, Volume, and Tone that were independent of the radio itself.