Automotive Mileposts  

1967 Toronado
Interior Trim

Standard Model Interiors

Morocceen and Pattern Cloth
Bench Seat

046 Turquoise/Dark Turquoise Carpeting

All Morocceen
Bench Seat


060 Black
063 Bimini Blue
064 Champagne/Dark Gold Carpeting
066 Turquoise/Dark Turquoise Carpeting

Deluxe Model Interiors

All Morocceen
Strato Bench Seat


084 Champagne/Dark Gold Carpeting
085 Garnet

Morocceen and Pattern Cloth
Strato Bench Seat


080 Black
083 Bimini Blue
086 Turquoise/Dark Turquoise Carpeting
089 Dubonnet

Strato Bucket Seats (Option A51)


090 Black Morocceen and Pattern Cloth
094 Champagne All Morocceen/Dark Gold Carpeting
095 Garnet All Morocceen

Vinyl Roof (Optional)

1 Champagne
2 Black

Note: The Oldsmobile Sales Department used 2-digit Trim Codes (listed below) that differ from the 3-digit Cowl Tag Trim Code numbers provided above. (Information provided below applies to all 1967 Oldsmobiles, so some of the materials and colors listed were not used on the Toronado, and we are still researching some of the trim code numbers that we have questions about):

First Digit Denotes Material:

1 - Vinyl bench seat trim
3 - Vinyl bucket seat trim
4 - Vinyl and cloth bench seat trim
6 - Vinyl and cloth bucket seat trim
8 - Leather and cloth bench seat trim

Second Number Denotes Color:

0 - Black
1 - Pewter
2 - Green
3 - Blue
4 - Champagne/Gold
5 - Red/Burgundy/Garnet
6 - Turquoise
8 - Yellow
9 - Dubonnet

(The two sets of numbers is somewhat confusing to restorers today, as trim code "46" in sales materials could represent either a Standard or a Deluxe Turquoise vinyl and cloth bench seat interior, but this code might not appear on the car itself.)

Image: 1967 Toronado Standard Bench Seat in Turquoise

Above: Toronado Standard Bench Seat shown in Turquoise Morocceen (trim code 066).

Below: (Foreground) Toronado Deluxe Strato Bench Seat shown in Bimini Blue Morocceen and Pattern Cloth (trim code 083), and (background) Strato Bucket Seats in Champagne Morocceen (trim code 094). Click either image for a larger view [opens in new window].

Image: 1967 Toronado Strato Bench Seat in Bimini Blue (foreground) and Strato Bucket Seats in Champagne (backgroound)

Note: Deluxe Model interiors feature Strato back front seats with a unique sew pattern on seats and side trim panels, door assist handles, full-length armrests, rear seat door latches, a front seat center armrest, and door panel courtesy lamps.