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1966 Toronado
Interior Trim

Toronado Interior
All Vinyl

010 Black
012 Green
013 Blue
014 Fawn
016 Turquoise
018 Bronze
019 Plum

Factory Headrest Trim Code
(Letter appears after 3-digit trim code)
A Without Headrests
E With Headrests

Toronado Deluxe Interiors
All Vinyl or Cloth and Vinyl

All Vinyl

050 Black
054 Parchment
058 Bronze

Cloth and Vinyl

052 Green
053 Blue
056 Turquoise
059 Plum

Factory Bucket Seat Code
(Deluxe Model only; code appears on cowl tag)
BS=Bucket Seats (52 built)

Image: 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado1966 Toronado FYI:
How to tell the difference between the Toronado and Toronado Deluxe Models

There were two Toronado models offered for 1966: the Toronado, which is often referred to as the "Standard" although that term was not used by Oldsmobile at the time, and the Toronado Deluxe. The one named simply "Toronado" was the standard or base version, and Oldsmobile likely didn't want to promote it that way, since it was a brand new line as well as Oldsmobile's top of the line personal luxury offering. Most of the options were available on either of the two models, although there were some differences in option packages and in prices between them (see 1966 Toronado Optional Equipment [this link opens in new window] for details).

- Strato Front Seat with Fold-Down Armrest
- Full-Length Front Door Armrests with Dual Door Handles
- Optional Power Window and Seat Controls Located in Deluxe Armrests
- Assist Handles on Door Panels
- Unique Sew Style on Seats and Side Trim Panels
- Wheel Trim Rings
- Door Panel Reflectors

Image: 1966 Toronado standard interiorImage: 1966 Toronado Deluxe model interior

Above, left to right: Standard interior in White vinyl (trim code 014A) and Deluxe interior in Plum cloth and vinyl (code 059A)
(Note differences in upholstery pattern on seats and door panels, as well as door arm rests, and placement of power window and power door lock controls)