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1976 Ford Thunderbird
Bordeaux Luxury Group

A rich, deep red color combination with shimmers of silver

Image: 1976 Ford Thunderbird

Image: 1976 Ford Thunderbird interior1976 Thunderbird Bordeaux Luxury Group at a glance:

Years available: 1976 only
Paint: Bordeaux Starfire (code 2S)
Vinyl Roof: Dark Red (code HD) or Silver (code HP) Odense Grain Half-Vinyl Roof*
Bodyside Moldings: Dark Red or Silver Wide Bodyside Moldings (color-keyed to vinyl roof)
Paint Stripes: Medium Red (code D) or Silver (code P) to contrast with paint color; located on bodysides and hood; dual stripes
Interior: Red Leather (code RD - optional) or Red Media Velour (code QD)
Price: $624 with Media Velour trim; $700 with Leather trim
Production: (Researching)

Includes: Wire Wheel Covers, Odense Grain Half-Vinyl Roof, Luggage Compartment Dress-Up Trim, 24-oz. Cut Pile Carpeting, Color-keyed Border Moldings and Interior Components

*Note: Dark Red Odense Grain Full Vinyl Roof (code GD) or Silver Odense Grain Full Vinyl Roof (code GP) provided with optional Power Sunroof or Moonroof installation.