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1971 Mark T
Custom 1971-1974 Thunderbird Package
Available Through Participating Ford Dealers
1971 Thunderbird Mark T grille detailIf you required a bit more distinction than that of a standard Thunderbird, your Ford Dealer was more than happy to accommodate you with the Thunderbird Mark T Package, a pseudo Continental Mark III. Very little is actually known about these cars, other than the option was available through Ford Dealers across the country from 1971 through 1973. It is possible earlier and/or later models also were customized, but none have turned up to date.

This package should not be confused with the Neiman Marcus "His and Hers" Thunderbirds, which were marketed in their 1970 Christmas Catalog. They are not the same.
1971 Thunderbird Mark T front view
The front view shows the correct 1971 Thunderbird turn indicator assemblies and headlight doors. The chrome trim surrounding the headlight housings also appears to be stock. Not shown completely in this view are the front fenders, which are also stock items.

The bumper is custom, and the overall design was executed very well, even the slight lip at the top edge is mimicked.
1971 Thunderbird Mark T front quarter view
The left front fender can be seen in this view. The minimal bumper protection offered on the stock 1971 models is superior to the protection offered by the custom Mark T bumper. It is also apparent that the Mark T hood and grille header panel are custom items.

The hood on this car is made of fiberglass, and is not interchangeable with the stock Thunderbird nor the stock Continental Mark III hood.
1971 Thunderbird Mark T hood and grille header panel detail
From this view it is easy to see that the custom made hood and grille header panel have an excellent fit.
1971 Thunderbird Mark T cowl detail
The rear edge of the hood appears to be stock in its appearance from this vantage point.
Only the changes up front hint that this isn't a stock Thunderbird.
1971 Thunderbird Mark T right rear quarter view
The body type code on this car is 65C which indicates it started life as a 2-door Hardtop. The vinyl roof was not installed on this car at the factory, and appears to be the same Calvary Twill vinyl used on the Mark III's. The chrome molding at the base of the vinyl roof is not stock; the stock item would be textured and color-keyed to match the vinyl roof.
1971 Thunderbird Mark T instrument panel
Inside, the standard Thunderbird instrument panel is fitted.
1971 Thunderbird Mark T coved rear seat
The stock Thunderbird seating options are also used.
The 1972-1974 Thunderbirds equipped with this package also feature a smaller version of the Mark IV simulated spare tire on the deck lid, with "THUNDERBIRD" lettering following the shape of the kick up. 1972 models apparently could be had with or without the oval opera windows as well. It is not clear if the hoods used during the later years were stock or customized fiberglass. However, the stock Continental Mark IV front bumper seems to have been utilized in this package during these years, with the mounting and overall shape of the bumper at its ends matching the stock Thunderbird bumper. It is possible that variations exist due to the way the dealer offered the package to their customer. Without question, this is an intriguing option that is seldom seen. Automotive Mileposts is searching for the company that manufactured the specific parts for this package. Additional photos and information will be published as they become available.
Automotive Mileposts would like to thank Mike Besoyan
for providing photos and information for this page.

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