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Automotive Mileposts  
Standard Equipment
1969 Thunderbird
Thunder Jet 429 V-8 Engine (360 Horsepower) New for '69
SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic Drive
Unipane Side Glass
Reversible Keys
Keyless Locking
Lighted Ignition Switch
Full-Width Three-Passenger Front Seat
Power Steering
AM Radio
Electric Clock
MagicAire Heater-Defroster
Suspended Accelerator Pedal
Lockable Lighted Glove Box
Map Light
Instrument Panel Courtesy Light
Interior Rear Courtesy Lights
Power Front Disc Brakes
Sequential Turn Signals
Lined and Lighted Trunk
Underbody Soundcoating in Key Areas
Full Wheel Covers
Dual Hydraulic Brake System with Warning Light
Front and Rear Seatbelts with Front Outboard Retractors
Floating Day/Night Yield-Away Rearview Mirror
Energy Absorbing Instrument Panel
Padded Safety Sun Visors
Variable Speed Hydraulic Windshield Wipers
Windshield Washers
4-Way Emergency Flasher
Backup Lights
Side Marker Lights
Self-Locking Folding Front Seat Backs
Shoulder Belts for Outboard Front Seat Passengers
Remote Control Exterior Rearview Mirror
Retractable Headlamp Doors with Doors that Open
     Automatically if Vacuum System Fails New for '69
Power Ventilation
Lane-Changing Signal Feature
Adjustable Head Restraints (after January 1, 1969)
     New for '69
Cornering Side Lights (became standard early in pro-
     duction; optional on very early cars) New for '69
Retractable Headlamp Doors
Mouse over image above for demonstration.

Dual headlamps are concealed behind new retractable doors that open automatically when headlamps are turned on, or in the event of a vacuum system failure.
Shades of 1964! Split tail lamps return to the Bird, along with Sequential Rear Taillight Turn Signals...
Shades of 1964! Thunderbird returned to split tail lamps for 1969, the only year in this styling cycle to not feature full-width tail lamps. Note the jewelled inserts in the Thunderbird emblem.
Power Ventilation System
Effective Power Ventilation System draws in fresh air through cowl, pulls stale air out through vents below rear window (above). And does so with the windows up, in complete silence.