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Optional Equipment
1969 Thunderbird
Electric Sunroof (Landau models only) ($453.30)
     New option for '69 [Thunderbird Sunroof Registry]
Tilt-Away Steering Wheel ($66.14)
Reclining Passenger Seat (Full-width or bucket seats)
     ($41.49) (Includes Adjustable Head Restraints
     prior to January 1, 1969)

Adjustable Head Restraints (Standard after
     January 1, 1969)
Highway Pilot Control ($97.21)
Convenience Check Group (Seat belts reminder light, low
     fuel and door ajar warning lights, headlights on
     warning light with buzzer, and vacuum door locks)

     2-Door Models ($77.73) New option for '69
     4-Door Models ($101.10) New option for '69
Dual Rear Seat Radio Speakers (AM Radio only) ($33.07)
StudioSonic Rear Speaker (AM Radio only) ($53.50)
AM Pushbutton Radio/StereoSonic Tape System
AM/FM Stereo Radio ($150.29)
Cornering Side Lights (became standard early
     in production)
SelectAire Conditioner (Manual Temperature Control)
SelectAire Conditioner (Automatic Temperature Control)
Rear Lamp Monitor ($25.91)
6-Way Power Front Seat (Driver's bucket only or
     full-width) ($98.89)
6-Way Power Front Bucket Seats (Driver's and
     Passenger's) (Special Order) ($197.78)
Power Radio Antenna ($28.97)
Power Deck Lid Release ($14.85)
Power Windows ($109.22)
Electric Defrost and Tinted Rear Window
     ($84.25) New option for '69
Rear Window Defogger (Blower type) ($22.33)
Tinted Glass ($47.49)
Deluxe Wheel Covers ($57.08)
Simulated Styled Steel Wheel Covers with Chrome Lug Nuts
     (Oxford Gray or Color-Keyed) ($35.70) New option for '69
     Colors available:
     Brittany Blue (C9SZ-1130D-26B)
     Candyapple Red (C9SZ-1130D-13D)
     Lime Gold (C9SZ-1130D-23G)
     Midnight Aqua (C9SZ-1130D-15K)
     Oxford Gray (C9SZ-1130D-05P)
     (Oxford Gray is default color)
Limited-Slip Differential ($46.69)
Heavy-Duty Suspension ($27.99)
White Sidewall Tires ($42.88)
Red Band White Sidewall Tires ($52.04)
Fiberglass Belted White Sidewall Tires ($75.43)
215 R15 Michelin Radial-Ply White Sidewall Tires
Dual Chamber Tires with unique Whitewall Design*
     ($196.80) New option for '69 (Goodyear
     Power Cushion Life Guard brand)

Deluxe Seat Belts ($15.59)
Deluxe Front and Rear Shoulder Belts ($15.60)
Rear Shoulder Belts ($27.06)
Sure-Track Brake Control System ($194.31) (Late

Four-Note Horn ($15.59)
Flight Bucket Seats and Command Console ($64.77)
Brougham Cloth and Vinyl Interior
     - Full-width seat ($161.98)
     - Bucket seats ($129.54)
Brougham Leather and Vinyl Interior (Bucket seats
Supplemental Stop Lamps ($33.70)
Appearance Protection Group (Includes Door Edge
     Guards, License Plate Frame, and Front and
     Rear Floor Mats)
     2-Door Models ($25.28)
     4-Door Models ($29.17)
High Ratio Axle ($6.53)
Bodyside Protection Moulding ($45.40) New option for '69
Spare Tire Cover ($5.25)
Body Accent Stripe (Red/White/Black) ($13.90)
Right Exterior Rearview Mirror ($6.95)
Visor Vanity Mirror ($3.79)
Deck Lid Luggage Rack ($32.45)
Luggage (Researching Price)
Automatic Headlight Dimmer (Special Order) ($51.20)
Automatic Ride Control ($89.94)
Seat Belt Retractors - One Pair ($7.10)
Special Order Paint ($97.20)
     (Documented Special Order 1969 Ford Colors: Silver Jade,
     Sage Bronze, and Acapulco Blue)
GT Appearance Group (2 Door models only—includes heavy duty
     suspension, styled steel wheel covers, body accent stripe,
     fiberglass belted tires, blacked out grille, and unique
     GT emblems

Note: The Convenience Check Group is listed as a new option for '69 due to the headlights on warning light and buzzer. This feature was not part of this option in 1968.

*Dual Chamber Tire option included Goodyear Power Cushion Tires with unique whitewall stripe design. These tires allowed driving at speeds up to 40 mph for a distance of 40 miles on a completely flat tire, with good control.
Power Sunroof for Tudor or Fordor Landau modelsNew opening for Bird lovers. New 3-Door, 5-Door Birds for '69. Touch a button, and Thunderbird gives you the sky. There were fewer than 900 Thunderbird Tudor Landaus equipped with this option in 1969, and even fewer Fordor Landaus were so equipped...and they say that 1960 Thunderbird Sun Roof Hardtops are rare!

Visit the Thunderbird Sunroof Registry [link opens new window] to view information on Thunderbirds with this rare option.

Front Cornering LightsFront Cornering Lights cast a steady beam of light to the side when corresponding turn signal is activated. Amber colored front side marker light is lit when the parking or headlights are on, and is located to the rear of the cornering light housing. A stainless plate with a Thunderbird emblem cover the cornering light opening if not equipped with this option. Front Cornering Lights were made standard during early production, and there was no base price increase to reflect this change.

Tilt-Away Steering WheelExtra touches ease your flight... Tilt-Away Steering Wheel automatically moves aside for easier entry and exit, tilts to nine different positions. Introduced in 1967 as a standard feature, it was made optional in 1968. This would be the final year for this option.

Rear Lamp MonitorRear Lamp Monitor, mounted on rear package tray, tells driver at a glance if all tail lamps are functioning properly. If a bulb is out, monitor pinpoints exactly which one! Driver views monitor through rear view mirror. This option is rarely seen, and was only available for the 1968 and 1969 model years.

For more information, read our Fiber Optic Lamp Monitors [link opens new window] article in the Auto Brevity section.

Reclining Passenger SeatReclining Passenger Seat option was available for all seating arrangements, and all interior trim materials. A button on the outboard side of the seat activates an electric solenoid in the seat back. Internal springs return the seat to an upright position when passenger leans forward.

Adjustable Head Restraints were included as part of this option at no additional charge until they became standard equipment on January 1, 1969.

AM-FM StereoAM-FM Stereo surrounds with high fidelity sound through 4 speakers. Adjustments for front-to-rear as well as side-to-side speaker balance are provided. Push buttons can be preset to five AM and five FM stations, for a total of ten. This unit was manufactured by Bendix, and is still considered one of the best sound systems installed in an automobile at the time.

Convenience Check GroupConvenience Check Group has lights mounted overhead to remind you to fasten seat belts, warn if a door is ajar, or fuel is low. A light and buzzer warn you when headlights are on after ignition is turned off.

Early production cars featured a flashing door ajar light, but a production change on November 6, 1968 eliminated the flashing feature by changing bulb specifications from a number 256 (flashing) bulb to a 1891 bulb.

The Lights On buzzer was mounted behind the instrument panel next to the glove compartment, near the area where the glove box light switch is mounted.

Automatic Climate Control/Rear Window DefoggerAutomatic Climate Control maintains interior temperature regardless of changes in the weather outside. Set it once, and forget.

Rear Window Defogger, at bottom right of controls, provides two fan speeds to clear fog. Also available, the new-for-1969 Electric Defrost with ceramic grids on interior of rear window glass which melt away frost quickly. Light on control panel, to left of switch (not shown in photo), glows while Electric Defrost is activated.

1969 Ford Thunderbird Fordor Landau with rare Power Sunroof
1969 Ford Thunderbird Fordor Landau with Factory Power Sunroof. Yes, they're rare. This one is Copper Flame Metallic (a one year only paint color), with White Alligator Grain Vinyl Roof, and a Black Brougham Bucket Seat Interior.

This body style with bucket seats is the rarest configuration of all 1969 Thunderbirds.

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