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Standard Equipment
Sequential Turn Signals
Sequential Turn Signals clearly indicate the direction you want to go, and are undoubtedly the
most distinctive way ever devised of signaling a turn! To this day, still unequaled.
Thunderbird 390 Special V-8 Engine (300 Horsepower)
Cruise-O-Matic Drive
Double-Sided Door-Ignition and Trunk-Glove Box
     Keys New for '65
Keyless Door Locking New for '65
Individually Adjustable Front Seats
Retractable Front Seat Belts with Reminder Light
Front Center Arm Rest (Atop Console)
Rear Center Folding Arm Rest
Padded Instrument Panel and Sun Visors
Crank-Adjusted Vent Windows
Floating Day-Night Rearview Mirror
Remote Control Exterior Rearview Mirror
Automatic Parking Brake Release
Swing-Away Steering Wheel
Integral-Type Power Steering
Silent-Flo Ventilation System (Hardtop and Landau)
Power Front Disc Brakes New for '65
All-Transistor AM Radio
MagicAire Heater-Defroster
Electric Clock
Courtesy Lights
Safety-Courtesy Door Lights
Glove Box Light
Lighted Ignition Switch
Roof Bow Light (Convertible) New for '65
Trunk Light
Backup Lights
Sequential Turn Signals New for '65
Dual Exhaust with Aluminized/Stainless Steel Mufflers
Shielded Alternator
Variable-Speed Hydraulic Wipers
Electric Windshield Washers
Complete Underbody Soundcoating
Full Wheel Covers
Rear Fender Shields* (See note below) New for '65
Fully Lined Luggage Compartment
1965 Ford Thunderbird Convertible
GET YOURS BEFORE THEY'RE ALL GONE: The photograph above appeared in the very last ad produced that would feature the Thunderbird Convertible. Although this model would remain in the lineup for one more year, Ford planners had already decided to discontinue it. The convertible originally defined the car, but it was no longer deemed necessary since the marque was now firmly entrenched as the leader of the personal luxury car market. Sales of convertibles in general had been slipping, as more and more luxury car buyers opted for factory air conditioning, vinyl tops, stereo systems, and the safety, comfort, and quietness that a hardtop provided. The color shown in the photograph is Honey Gold Metallic (paint code C).
Silent-Flo Ventilation
Silent-Flo Ventilation is standard on Hardtop and Landau models. Vent below window is vacuum operated, and when open allows low pressure on outside of moving car to pull air from the inside out. No drafts, no noise, vent closes itself after engine is turned off.
Individually-Adjustable Shell Contour Front Seats
Individually-Adjustable Shell Contour Front Seats with center console are standard. Padded armrest between seats conceals lighted, lockable glove compartment. The brushed aluminum trim just forward of the armrest rotates downward to reveal a cigarette lighter and ash tray. Another ash tray is provided on the console just to the rear of the console armrest for the convenience of rear seat passengers.
Swing-Away Steering Wheel
Swing-Away Steering Wheel gets out of the way to make entry and exit easier. Steering Wheel and column can be moved to the right approximately 10 inches when transmission selector is in PARK. Lever cannot be moved out of PARK unless column and wheel are in straight ahead position.
1965 Ford Thunderbird Landau without Rear Fender Shields
*Note: A few 1965 Thunderbirds apparently left the factory equipped with Rear Fender Shields that were not listed as optional equipment on the invoice or window sticker. The Owner's Manual for 1965 shows the Rear Fender Shields as an optional accessory, and they are not listed as a standard equipment item in brochures. There are also factory photos (see above) of 1965 models without them, and factory invoices and window stickers do exist that list them as options.

It would appear that they may have been provided at no charge for at least part of the production run, although so far we haven't noticed a specific time period nor a range of VINs that would indicate this is a fact. Possibly there was a special promotion of some kind that provided fender shields at no additional charge.
Deep Well Trunk
Deep Well Trunk design to was introduced to Thunderbird customers with the redesign in 1964, and this design allowed placement of tall items in an upright position in the center area of the luggage compartment. The spare tire is stowed on a shelf at the forward end of the compartment, and the jack assembly is concealed behind a flap on the right side.

The luggage compartments in all 1964-1966 Hardtop and Landau models have moisture problems, something to look for and be aware of if you own one of these models. Most often this is attributed to a bad deck lid seal, split rear vent drain tubes, or leaks around the lock assembly.
Sequential Signals: A Demonstration

To turn right, first the inboard light illuminates and remains on...a split second later, the second light is illuminated and it too remains on...followed a moment later by the outboard (third) light...they all remain lit briefly, then a second later...they all extinguish at the same time, and the process repeats itself.

The inboard light illuminates, followed by the middle light... ...the outboard light comes on last, and the sequence repeats itself!
Position cursor on images above for demonstration.

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