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Optional Equipment
1964 Thunderbird
...welcome to the jet age!
SelectAire Conditioner ($415.10)
Heavy Duty Battery ($7.60)
Rear Fender Shields ($26.60) (Not available with wire wheels)
Tinted Glass with Banded Windshield ($43.00)
Leather Seat Trim ($106.20)
Rear Seat Belts ($14.78)
Rear Seat Belt Retractors ($7.10)
Two-Tone Paint ($25.80)
4-Way Power Driver's Seat ($92.10)
4-Way Power Driver's and Passenger's Seats ($184.10)
Power Windows ($106.20)
AM-FM Pushbutton Radio ($83.70)
Reclining Passenger Seat with Adjustable Headrest
     ($38.60) New '64 option
Safety-Convenience Control Panel
- Vacuum Door Locks
- Door Ajar Warning Light
- Low Fuel Warning Light
- Simultaneous Flashing Parking and Taillights
     ($45.10) New '64 option
     (See 1964 Thunderbird Safety-Convenience Control Panel)
Rear Seat Speaker ($15.50)
Speed Control System ($63.40) New '64 option
White Sidewall 8.15 x 15 Rayon Tires ($42.10) (WSW
     8.00 x 14 Rayon Tires Standard with Wire Wheels)

Tonneau Cover ($269.00) (Convertible only)
Transistorized Ignition System ($51.50) New '64 option
Wire Wheels (415.20) (Includes 8.00 x 14 WSW
     Rayon Tires)

Deluxe Wheel Covers with Simulated Knock-Off
     Hubs ($15.60)
Deluxe Wheel Covers and Rear Fender Shields ($42.20)
StudioSonic Sound System (Reverberator) ($54.10)
Sports Side Trim ($34.80)
Contoured Vinyl Floor Mats ($15.25)
Sports Tachometer ($43.10)
Automatic Headlamp Dimmer (Special Order)
     ($45.60) New '64 option
Equa Lock Rear Axle ($42.50)
Right Exterior Rear View Mirror ($6.95)
Spotlight (Researching Price)
Door Edge Guards ($4.40)
License Plate Frame ($6.10)
Fuel Filler Door Edge Guard ($3.35) New '64 option
Accent Striping (Black/White/Red) ($13.90) New '64 option
SelectAire Conditioner/AM-FM RadioSelectAire Conditioner
(For the first time ever in 1964, more than 50 percent (50.6%) of Thunderbirds built (46,787) were equipped with factory air conditioning.)

AM-FM Radio
Power-Lift WindowsPower-Lift Windows with Window Lock Button

Top to bottom:
- Window Lock control (Press left side of switch to lock out rear window switches)
- Left front window and right front window controls
- Left rear window and right rear window controls
Reclining Passenger Seat
Reclining Passenger Seat
with Adjustable Headrest
More information: 1964-1979 Ford Thunderbird Reclining Passenger Seat Option [link opens in new window]
Safety-Convenience Control PanelSafety-Convenience Control Panel with Vacuum Door Locks
Shown left to right:
- Vacuum Door Lock toggle control
- Door Ajar warning light (flashes after 15 seconds*)
- Low Fuel warning light
- Flasher indicator light
- Flasher toggle control (flick up to activate flashers as shown)

*A special light bulb (#256) with a built-in flasher is used in the "Door Ajar" warning instead of the #1445 bulb used for the other indicators.
Sports Wire Wheels
Sports Wire Wheels (Made by Kelsey-Hayes)
Shown with incorrect 1962-Style Center Cap
Sports Tonneau Cover
Sports Tonneau Cover

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