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Optional Equipment
1962 Thunderbird script - unique in all the world
Sports Roadster Package ($651) New option for '62
Landau Package ($103) New option for '62
SelectAire Conditioner ($415.10)
Power-Lift Windows ($106.20)
Power Driver's Seat ($92.10)
Power Passenger's Seat ($92.10)
MagicAire Heater ($82.90)
Electric Windshield Washer ($13.70)
I-Rest Tinted Glass ($43)
Visored Spotlight (Researching Price)
Outside Rearview Mirror ($5.10)
Lifeguard Seat Belts ($22.80)
Leather Seat Inserts and Bolsters ($106.20)
Two Tone Exterior Paint (Hardtop) ($25.80)
Rear Fender Shields (Not available with Wire
   Wheels) ($26.60)
Heavy-Duty Battery ($7.60)
Rayon Whitewall Tires ($42.10)
Nylon Whitewall Tires ($70.40)
Extra-Ply Rayon Blackwall Tires (Researching
Contour Floor Mats (Red, Green, Blue, White, or Black)
   (Researching Price)
Locking Gas Cap (Researching Price)
Ventilated Seat Cushions (Researching Price)
Equa-Lock Differential ($38.60)
Thunderbird 390 High Performance V-8 Engine
   (Not available until after initial production
   period) ($242.10) New option for '62
Sports Side Trim ($34.80) New option for '62
Wire Wheels ($372.30) New option for '62
Push Button Radio ($112.80)
Tachometer (Dealer installed accessory)
   ($31.75) New option for '62
Swing-Away Steering Wheel ($25.10) (Early production
   only; standardized early in production)
SelectAire Conditioner outlets and control panel
SelectAire Conditioner combined heating and cooling in one unit. Capacity was said to be sufficient to cool an average five-room house! MagicAire Heater-Defroster was also available separately, without air conditioner. (MagicAire Heater mandatory with SelectAire; priced separately.) This would be the last year that Thunderbird would come equipped in standard form without the MagicAire heater, since the vast majority were equipped with this item anyway.

Two knobs moounted on the lower instrument panel adjacent to each side of console opened vents under the instrument panel to provide cooled air to the front floor area when desired. These vents were only provided with SelectAire installations.

Power-Lift Windows master controls
Power-Lift Windows move effortlessly, smoothly. Driver's master control panel (shown) has lock button to prevent passengers from operating windows. The buttons, from left to right, control the driver's door window, passenger door window, left rear quarter window, right rear quarter window, and on the far right, the window lock button, which when pushed upward, locks in place and prevents all individual window controls from operating. Some mistakenly believe this lock control to be a power door lock, an option which wasn't offered on the Thunderbird until 1963. The model in the photo is about to lower the passenger door window.
Pushbutton Radio
Thunderbird's fully transistorized push button radio is the finest in the industry! Five preset push buttons, and eight-watt output provide high fidelity and rich tone. This item would become standard equipment for 1963.
Power Seat
A touch of the four-way toggle switch moves the seat up, down, backward, or forward. As the seat moves, the angle is automatically adjusted as well. Choose power for the driver's seat only, or both front bucket seats can be power operated. Controls are placed on the outboard side of the seat.

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