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1961 Thunderbird
Standard Equipment

1961 Thunderbird script - unique in all the world

With a touch of the driver's door-mounted switch, Thunderbird's automatic top lowers itself into the luggage compartment. There's no boot to attach, you don't even leave the driver's seat!

Convertible top control on driver's door
You go from this...
(touch photo with cursor)

1961 Thunderbird Convertible: In less than a minute, you're ready to go! this in less than one minute! It's like magic!
Thunderbird 390 Special V-8 Engine (300
  Horsepower) New for '61
Cruise-O-Matic Drive New for '61
Power Steering New for '61
Power Brakes New for '61
2-Speed Electric Windshield Wipers New for '61
Lifeguard Padded Instrument Panel
Cushioned Sun Visors
Seat Belt Anchors
Double-Grip Door Locks
Safety-Swivel Day-Nite Type Inside Rearview
  Mirror (Bonded to windshield) New for '61
Deep-Center Steering Wheel with Horn Ring
Manually-Adjustable Individual Front Seats
Electric Clock with Sweep Second Hand
Automatic Dome Light (Hardtop) and Courtesy-Map
  Light (All Models)
Glove Box and Ash Tray Lights New for '61 (Glove
  Box Light)

Cigarette Lighter
Coat Hooks
Trunk Light New for '61
Dual Horns
Turn Signals
Backup Lights New for '61
Full Wheel Covers New for '61
Fully-Lined Luggage Compartment

Note: New for '61 indicates equipment previously available as optional, or new items introduced as standard for 1961.
Floating Mirror
Floating Mirror mounts directly to windshield, features day-night adjustment.
Glove Compartment
Glove Compartment is located in console between seats, is lockable and lit. Lighted ash tray and cigarette lighter are just in front. Console is 25 percent smaller for 1961, making it easier to move from one side of the car to the other.
1961 Thunderbird Hardtop with standard Full Wheel Covers
Full Wheel Covers are standard for the first time in 1961. Hardtop above is shown in Corinthian White.
1961 Thunderbird Instrument PanelPadded Instrument Panel was a masterpiece of design. Notice how the ends curve around to provide both driver and passenger with a feeling of individual space.

Radio and optional MagicAire controls are located at center, within easy reach of either front seat passenger. Courtesy/map light is located just below the radio.

Designers worked many long hours with clay molds to ensure the ribbed anodized aluminum trim on the console and panels looked right. Interior above is shown in Medium Blue Metallic. (Note that the instrument panel and tops of door trim panels are a darker shade of blue to provide contrast.)
1961 Thunderbird Luggage CompartmentLuggage Compartment provided adequate capacity for long trips, especially in Hardtop model shown.

The Convertible had less space available, due to the power top components located in this area, and was somewhat difficult to load and unload due to the deck lid being hinged at the rear.

The jack assembly was concealed behind a hinged flap on the left side, and luggage compartment was fully lined and automatically lit on both models.

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