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Standard Equipment
Thunderbird script
352 Cubic Inch "Interceptor" Thunderbird Special V-8
     (300 Horsepower) New for '58
3-Speed Manual Transmission
Automatic Choke
4- Barrel Carburetor
Full-Flow Oil Filtration System
Dual Exhaust System
Gunsight Front Fender Ornament (Added as Standard in
     May, 1958)* New for '58
Individual Front Seats New for '58
Panel Console New for '58
Cigarette Lighter
Front and Rear Ashtrays
Lifeguard Padded Instrument Panel and Sun Visors
Lifeguard Deep-Center Steering Wheel with Horn Ring
Dual Horns
Safety-Swivel Rear View Mirror
Double-Grip Door Locks
Turn Signals
Coat Hooks in Rear Compartment
Dome Light (Hardtop) Courtesy Light (Convertible)
Fully Carpeted Interior
Fully Lined Luggage Compartment
Safety-Twin Taillights New for '58
4 Ford Hub Caps
Lockable Glove Compartment
Electric Clock with Sweep Second Hand (Added as Standard
     in May, 1958)*
Manually-Adjustable Front Passenger Bucket Seat (Added as
     Standard in May, 1958)*
Choice of All-Vinyl Upholstery or Combination Vinyl Bolster
     with Nylon Highland Tweed Fabric Inserts
Front and Rear Bumper Guards

*Exact date these items were added as standard equipment is being researched.
Thunderbird emblem circa 1958
Thunderbird's distinctive visored windshield
Distinctive visored windshield features compound curve that allows a panoramic view in all directions.
Thunderbird's rear glass sits in channel, creating uninterrupted flow from inside out
Rear deck and interior package tray are deeply sculpted, rear window glass sits in channel to allow continuous uninterrupted flow of line from inside out. Rear roofline is distinctively visored, canted to rear deck. (1959 Thunderbird illustrated above.)
The 1958 Thunderbird started the bucket seats with console trend. This concept was considered quite ingenious in 1958.
1958 Ford Thunderbird Convertible interior shown in Red and White Vinyl
1958 Thunderbird Convertible interior shown in Red and White Vinyl trim
The newly designed 1958 Thunderbird hadplenty of space in the luggage compartment - over 20 cubic feet!
Thunderbird's luggage compartment provides over 20 cubic feet of luggage space