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1957 Ford Thunderbird
Optional Equipment


Thunderbird 312 Special V-8 Engine ($123)
Thunderbird 312 Super V-8 Engine ($189.60)
Thunderbird Extra High Performance 312 Super V-8 Engine ($230.80)
Thunderbird 312 Supercharged Engine* ($340.00)
Chrome Engine Dress-Up Kit ($25)
Overdrive ($146)
Ford-O-Matic Drive ($215)
Full-Flow Oil Filter ($9.15)
Oil Bath Air Cleaner
Locking Gas Cap
Swift-Sure Power Brakes ($38.25)
Master-Guide Power Steering ($68)
Power-Lift Windows ($70)
4-Way Power Seat ($64.50)
Dial-O-Matic 4-Way Power Seat* ($76.45)
I-Rest Tinted Safety Glass ($23.13)
Whitewall Tires ($30)
Convertible Fabric Top ($75 without Glass-Fibre Top)
Convertible Fabric Top ($290 with Glass-Fibre Top)
MagicAire Heater ($85)
Radio ($99.50)
Volumatic Signal-Seek Radio* ($143.90)
Deluxe Antenna ($10)
Outside Mirror (Round—$5.10)
Hooded Mirror* ($8.10)
Rear Fender Shields ($26.60)
Full Wheel Covers ($12.75)
Turbine Wheel Covers* ($12.75)
Wire Wheel Covers ($35)
Engine Dress-Up Kit ($25)
Aquamatic Windshield Washer-Wiper ($10)
Exterior Rear View Mirror ($5)
Special Fuel and Vacuum Pump Unit ($11.70)
Back-Up Lights ($8.50)
Color-Keyed Tonneau Cover ($12.30)
Lifeguard Padded Instrument Panel ($22.65)
Lifeguard Padded Sun Visors ($9)
Lifeguard Seat Belts ($14)
Auto-Home Electric Shaver* ($)
70 Amp. Battery ($7.60)
Safety Package B* ($33)

*Designates a new optional item for 1957

Image: 1957 Ford Thunderbird options

1957 Thunderbird options and accessories shown in image at left:

Dial-O-Matic 4-Way Power Seat (new for 1957)—allows most comfortable seat position to be "dialed in" to control mounted under center of instrument panel. When ignition is turned off, seat automatically moved to rearmost position for maximum entry and exit room, then returns to pre-set position when key is turned on.

Power-Lift Windows allow driver to raise or lower either window at the touch of a button from master control on driver's door panel. Single control on passenger door allows the passenger the same convenience.

Swift-Sure Power Brakes greatly reduced the effort required to stop the car. Ford said a light bulb could be placed between driver's foot and brake pedal, and the car could be brought to a full stop without breaking the glass!

Master-Guide Power Steering reduces the effort required to steer the car by 75%! This was especially appreciated in tight parking situations, where the steering wheel was turned lock to lock in order to maneuver the car.

Image: 1957 Ford Thunderbird Volumatic Signal-Seek Radio Volumatic Signal-Seek Radio (shown at left) was a new Thunderbird option for 1957. It automatically raised or lowered volume depending on car speed—the ultimate luxury—no more adjusting radio volume at high speeds, then lowering it while stopped! Two controls searched for the next available station, based on signal strength of strong (Town) or weak (Country).