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1957 Ford Thunderbird
Exterior Paint Colors

Image: 1957 Ford Thunderbird

Above: 1957 Ford Thunderbird in Colonial White (paint code E) with Red vinyl interior



Image: A - Raven Black A - Raven Black (9000)

Image: E- Colonial White E - Colonial White (8103)

Image: F - Starmist Blue F - Starmist Blue* (11547)

Image: J - Willow Green J - Willow Green* (42025)

Image: N - Gunmetal Gray N - Gunmetal Gray Metallic* (31464)

Image: Q - Thunderbird Bronze Q - Thunderbird Bronze* (50469)

Image: V - Flame Red V - Flame Red* (70707)

Image: Y - Inca Gold Y - Inca Gold* (80859)

Image: X - Dusk Rose X - Dusk Rose* (50470)

Image: Z - Coral Sand Z - Coral Sand* (70708)


Image: G - Sun Gold G - Sun Gold*+ (80948—Replaced Y - Inca Gold)

Image: H - Gunmetal Gray H - Gunmetal Gray*+ (31578—Replaced N - Gunmetal Gray)

Image: L - Azure Blue L - Azure Blue*+ (11692—Replaced F - Starmist Blue)

Image: N - Seaspray Green N - Seaspray Green*+ (42171—Replaced J - Willow Green)

Image: R - Torch Red R - Torch Red*+ (70801—Replaced V - Flame Red)

*Designates a new color for 1957
+1958 colors used during late production from September-December, 1957

Note: Because the all-new 1958 Thunderbirds weren't ready for production in time to be introduced with the rest of the new Ford models, it was decided to hold over production of the 1957 models longer than usual to keep new Thunderbirds in dealer inventory. When the changeover to the 1958 models occurred at the factory, new 1958 colors were sprayed on the '57 T-birds to prevent any delays on the assembly line.

Image: 1957 Ford Thunderbird Two Tone Paint Color Combinations
Click two tone paint combinations above to see larger version in new window or tab


AE - Raven Black/Colonial White
AF - Raven Black/Starmist Blue
AJ - Raven Black/Willow Green
AV - Raven Black/Flame Red
AX - Raven Black/Dusk Rose
AY - Raven Black/Inca Gold
AZ - Raven Black/Coral Sand
EA - Colonial White/Raven Black
EF - Colonial White/Starmist Blue
EN - Colonial White/Gunmetal Gray
EQ - Colonial White/Thunderbird Bronze
EU - Colonial White/Willow Green
EV - Colonial White/Flame Red
EX - Colonial White/Dusk Rose
EY - Colonial White/Inca Gold
EZ - Colonial White/Coral Sand
FA - Starmist Blue/Raven Black
FE - Starmist Blue/Colonial White


JA - Willow Green/Raven Black
JE - Willow Green/Colonial White
NA - Gunmetal Gray/Raven Black
NE - Gunmetal Gray/Colonial White
NY - Gunmetal Gray/Inca Gold
QE - Thunderbird Bronze/Colonial White
VA - Flame Red/Raven Black
VE - Flame Red/Colonial White
YA - Inca Gold/Raven Black
YE - Inca Gold/Colonial White
YN - Inca Gold/Gunmetal Gray
XA - Dusk Rose/Raven Black
XE - Dusk Rose/Colonial White
ZA - Coral Sand/Raven Black
ZE - Coral Sand/Colonial White
ZN - Coral Sand/Gunmetal Gray

Note: 1958 colors (noted above) were used from September-December, 1957.