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1965 Buick Riviera
Headlamp Visor Manual Operation and Maintenance

Emergency Procedure to Open Visors and Preventive Maintenance Tips

1965 Buick Riviera—Manual Operation of Headlamp Visors

If the headlamp visors fail to open when the lights are turned on, leave the lights on and allow one minute for the circuit breaker to reset itself and close. If the visors fail to open after one minute, it will be necessary to open them manually until repairs can be made. These procedures are only for emergencies, in which the car must be operated before repairs:

  1. Open hood. Reach down in the center grille area between grille and radiator, and firmly grasp both the right and left horizontal links (the "arms" that connect the motor to the shields) as close to visor motor as possible.
  2. Jerk straight up on each horizontal link to snap socket in link from ball stud on motor arm. (Cleaning and lubricating this area before attempting to remove might be helpful.)
  3. Support each corresponding horizontal link while manually opening the visors with your other hand. Do this one visor at a time, by pressing on the shields themselves. Once both visors are open, tie or wire the horizontal links to the grille to prevent them from moving and rattling while the car is being driven.

One of the most important steps a 1965 Riviera owner can take to prevent damage to the motor and malfunction of the headlamp visors is to keep the rotating parts of the mechanism clean and well lubricated. Dirt build up around the area as well as a lack of lubrication is the number one cause of premature failure of this system. A couple of times a year, check the mechanism to ensure its free of dirt and debris, and once a year or so lightly lubricate all moving parts to ensure free movement.