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1964 Buick Riviera
Standard Equipment

425 CID 340-Horsepower Wildcat 465 V-8 Engine NEW! Standard in '64 only
Super Turbine Automatic Transmission
Easy Power Steering
Power Brakes
Windshield Washer
2-Speed Electric Wipers
Back-Up Lights
Glare-Proof Mirror
Parking Brake Signal Light
Safety Buzzer
Map Light
Electric Clock
Automatic Trunk Light
License Plate Frame
Aluminum Front Brake Drums
StepOn Parking Brake
Instrument Panel Safety Pad
Directional Signals
Full 15-inch Wheels
Trip Mileage Indicator
Glove Compartment Light
Smoking Set
Rear Seat Ash Trays and Lighter
Dual Sun Shades
Magic Mirror Finish
Dual Arm Rests—Front and Rear
Door-Operated Rear Passenger Area Courtesy Lights
Full Carpeting
Dual Horns
Foam-Padded Bucket Seats—Front and Rear
Crank-Operated Window Vents
Center Console
Self-adjusting Brakes
Double Door Release Handles
Console-Mounted Selector Lever
Dual Exhausts
Delcotron Generator
6,000 Mile Lubed Front Suspension System
Instrument Panel Lower Safety Pad
Walnut Paneling on Trim and Instrument Panel

1964 Riviera ribbed aluminum instrument panel trim

Above: Ribbed aluminum graced the instrument panel on all 1964 Rivieras. Early production 1963 models didn't include this ribbed finish, but it was added soon after production started. 1964 would be the final year for metallic finishes on automotive instrument panels, due to the move to reduce glare. 1965 Rivieras would feature a black textured surface in this area.

1964 Riviera 140 mph speedometer with trip odometer

Above: The Riviera featured a 140 mph speedometer. The need for this was debatable, as the top speed was estimated at 125 mph with the optional engine, and 120 mph with standard equipment. But as with almost everything in the Riviera's class, image was important, and there's little doubt that people were impressed when they noticed the 140 mph top end on the speedometer. Most who have driven a first generation Riviera will tell you that its performance is exhilarating, so what more could you want?