Automotive Mileposts  

1963 Buick Riviera
Optional Equipment


B1 Front Seat Belts ($19.03)
D1 Sonomatic Radio with Manual Antenna ($90.30)
D2 Sonomatic Radio with Electric Antenna ($116.37)
D3 Wonderbar Radio with Manual Antenna
D4 Wonderbar Radio with Electric Antenna ($152.92)
-- AM/FM Radio with Manual Antenna (Researching price)
-- AM/FM Radio with Electric Antenna (Reseraching price)
E4 Carpet Savers and Handy Mats ($12.93)
H1 Electro-Cruise ($64.50)
H2 Corner Lights ($30.10)
I6 Soft-Ray Tinted Glass ($43.00)
I7 Tinted Windshield ($20.43)
J1 Power Seat—6-Way Tilt Adjuster ($96.75; possibly special order only)
J2 Power Seat—4-Way Tilt Adjuster ($70.95)
K4 Rear Window Defroster ($34.95)
L1 Tilt Steering Wheel ($43.00)
M9 Super Deluxe Wheel Covers—Cast Aluminum ($66.65)
N2 Air Conditioner ($430.00)
N4 Vanity Group—Visor Mirror and Tissue Dispenser ($8.71)
O7 Four Note Horn ($27.95)
S7 Remote Control Outside Rear View Mirror ($11.88)
T4 Oversize White Sidewall TIres ($59.99)
U6 Power Vents ($53.75)
U7 Power Windows ($107.50)
U8 Power Windows and Power Vents
W6 High Performance Engine - 425 V-8 ($48.38)
X1 Guidematic ($43.00)
X2 Twilight Sentinel ($29.03)
Y6 Positive Traction Differential ($48.38)
Z4 Automatic Trunk Release ($9.68)
** Custom Trim with Bucket Seats in Fabric ($139.75)
** Custom Trim with Bucket Seats in Leather ($188.13)
-- Automatic Trunk Lid Release ($)
-- Compass ($5.95 plus installation)
-- Litter Basket ($2.50)
-- Litter Container ($3.50 plus installation)
-- Tissue Dispenser ($5.25 plus installation)
-- Purse Hook ($1.15 plus installation)
-- Engine Block Heater ($7.95 plus installation)
-- Spotlight ($27.95 plus installation)
-- Tachometer ($55.50 plus installation)
-- Simulated Wire Wheel Covers with Spinners ($75.35)

1963 Riviera air conditioning controls and Sonomatic AM radio

Above: Optional 1963 Riviera air conditioning controls, power antenna control (third from right), and Sonomatic AM pushbutton radio

1963 Riviera options: remote control mirror, power windows, and power seat

Above: Optional remote control outside mirror, power windows, and power seat controls. Also available, but not shown are power vent windows.