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Have you ever been told your classic car isn't worth restoring?
That it will never be worth the cost of restoration?
Shouldn't that be your decision?

At Automotive Mileposts, we can't predict future values,
but we believe collectible cars are a good long-term investment.

While under restoration, your classic car deserves to receive close attention to detail, correct replacement parts, quality workmanship, and proper care and respect for the vehicle while under restoration, and that is what we strive for at Automotive Mileposts.

- All cars stored indoors in a heated/air conditioned facility while in our possession.
- Property is under 24/7 surveillance by monitored alarm/fire systems and cameras.
Currently Under Restoration

1969 Ford Thunderbird Tudor Landau
with rare factory Power Sunroof option
(see photo at right)
1969 Ford Thunderbird restoration photos

(This car is currently being worked on by the owner, and still needs minor bodywork, repairs to roof under vinyl top and around sunroof opening, installation of NOS Alligator-grain vinyl top material and NOS right and left S-bars on the roof sail panels, new interior carpeting, installation of rechromed front and rear bumpers, and installation of NOS padded instrument panel. Car was repainted several years ago to improve appearance, but will receive a show quality paint job after all body repairs are completed.)

To Be Restored

- List not available at this time -
1969 Ford Thunderbird Tudor Landau with rare factory Power Sunroof option
1969 Thunderbird Tudor Landau

1969 Thunderbird:
Is It Collectible?

We believe the 1967-1971 Ford Thunderbirds are currently under-valued, and predict they will be the next "hot" collector car based on their rarity, quality, performance, and uniqueness. These cars are great drivers, among the best ever in the Thunderbird line. Interest is beginning to increase in these cars now, and models like the one pictured above with the rare Power Sunroof option will be highly sought after in the coming years.

Our recommendation: buy now
before prices start going up! These Thunderbirds are next in line to become highly collectible, and it's only a matter of time before they catch the attention they deserve.

Additional information coming soon:

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Most 1950-1970's vintage cars were designed with a
life expectancy of seven years, or 100,000 miles.
Every car has a history behind it, and a story to tell.
Cars that survive today deserve to have a future.
What will the future hold for your car?
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