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Automotive Mileposts
Exterior Paint Colors
1976 Continental Mark IV


1C Black
1J Silver Diamond Fire Metallic
1L Black Diamond Fire Metallic*
(Introduced late)
1N Dove Grey (Cartier Edition only)
2M Dark Red
2S Dark Red Moondust Metallic
2T Rose Diamond Fire Metallic

2U Lipstick Red
3G Dark Blue Metallic
3P Bright Dark Blue Diamond Fire Metallic
3R Ice Blue Diamond Fire Metallic

3S Light Blue
45 Aqua Blue Diamond Fire Metallic
46 Dark Jade Metallic
5Q Dark Brown Metallic
51 Cinnamon Moondust Metallic
6P Cream
6U Tan
6Y Bright Yellow Gold Diamond Fire Metallic
7A Light Jade Diamond Fire Metallic
7F Jade Moondust Metallic

9D White

Colors listed above in bold denote optional Diamond Fire and Moondust Metallic finishes available at additional cost.

*Exclusive to Black Diamond Luxury Group

Dark Red Moondust Metallic (2S) shown at left.


COLOR (Ditzler Code)

White (8378) | Black (9000) | Light Blue (14181) | Aqua (14799) | Dark Brown (23279) | Light Tan (24127) | Light Silver (32520) | Light Jade (2840) | Dark Jade (45170) | Bright Red (2830) | Medium Red (2609) | Light Gold (81608) | Light Yellow (81584) | Cream (2790)