Paint Colors
Automotive Mileposts
Mark IV
The car that
has become a
legend in its
own time.

Black 1C
Silver Moondust Metallic* 1D
Light Gray Metallic 1E
Red Moondust Metallic 2G
Light Pastel Blue 3A
Medium Blue Metallic 3D
Dark Blue Metallic 3G
Silver Blue Moondust Metallic 3L
Medium Blue Diamond Fire Metallic 3P
Pastel Lime 4A
Lime Gold Moondust Metallic 4U
Ivy Bronze Diamond Fire Metallic 4Y
Dark Brown Metallic 5Q
Bright Gold Bronze 5R
Medium Beige 5S
Buff 5V
Gold Metallic 5Z
Gold Moondust Metallic 6G
Medium Gold Metallic 6L
Dark Gold Metallic 6M
Maize Yellow 6N
White 9D
Light Ginger Diamond Fire Metallic 51
Copper Diamond Fire Metallic 52
Unique Gold Diamond Fire Metallic** 54

*Silver Luxury Group option only
**Gold Luxury Group option only
Colors listed above in bold or colored text denote optional colors

A Black
B Dark Blue
D Dark Red
G Gold Metallic
P Silver Metallic
R Lime
I Brown
U Tan
W White

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