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Exterior Paint Colors
1969 Continental Mark III

Image: Black A Black (9000-9300)
Image: Maroon B Maroon (50746)
Image: Dark Ivy Green Metallic C Dark Ivy Green Metallic (2037)
Image: Medium Orchid Metallic G Medium Orchid Metallic (2040)
Image: Light Green H Light Green (43575)
Image: Medium Lime Metallic I Medium Lime Metallic (2054)
Image: Dark Aqua Metallic J Dark Aqua Metallic (13342)
Image: Dark Orchid Metallic K Dark Orchid Metallic (2041)
Image: Light Gray Metallic L Light Gray Metallic (32608)
Image: White M White (8378 & 8734 #2)
Image: Platinum N Platinum (11683)
Image: Medium Green Metallic O Medium Green Metallic (43645)
Image: Medium Blue Metallic Q Medium Blue Metallic (13619)
Image: Light Gold R Light Gold (2043)
Image: Medium Gold Metallic S Medium Gold Metallic (2044)
Image: Red T Red (71520)
Image: Medium Aqua Metallic U Medium Aqua Metallic (12745)
Image: Light Copper Metallic V Light Copper Metallic (2045)
Image: Yellow W Yellow (81584)
Image: Dark Blue Metallic X Dark Blue Metallic (2056)
Image: Burnt Orange Metallic Y Burnt Orange Metallic (2046)
Image: Dark Gray Metallic Z Dark Gray Metallic (32527)
A total of 53 body and trim color combinations were available with the standard cloth and vinyl interior; 86 with optional leather and vinyl trim.
Image: 1969 Continental Mark III
When paint, accent stripe, vinyl roof, and interior trim colors are all considered, the color combinations available expand greatly.

A Black (9000)
B Light Blue (13317)
G Gold (81608)
L Lime (43739)
R Vermillion (71529)
S Silver (32520)
V Ivory (81584)
W White (8378)

Accent stripe colors were available with any color exterior paint, except for Black on Black, White on White, Silver on Light Gray Metallic, and Yellow (Ivory) on Yellow.

The accent stripe was a delete option at no cost.
All things considered, there were 4,752 different color combinations available for the 1969 Continental Mark III. With 22 different exterior paint colors, and 8 different accent stripe colors, these two factors alone accounted for a multitude of possibilities.
Image: 1969 Continental Mark III
Early production Mark III shown above in Maroon (paint code B), with Black vinyl roof and White accent stripe.

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