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1966-1972 Oldsmobile
RPO Codes, Descriptions, and Applications

We crunched the numbers so you don't have to

Note: Most of the codes included here were derived from the Oldsmobile Chassis Service Manuals and/or other dealer references for the respective years. In some instances, we have attempted to clarify the descriptions and/or applications noted in the original documentation. In other instances, we have left them as is, which accounts for the inconsistent order of some items. We hope you find this list helpful in documenting the options your Oldsmobile left the factory with. Most of these codes will be applicable from 1965-1976, but not always.
The General Motors Regular Production Option (RPO) codes are a series of 3 alphanumeric
characters that identify specific equipment or features a vehicle had installed at the factory.
These codes appear in various locations, including the Body Tag mounted to the cowl
in the engine compartment, as well as on the broadcast sheet, or build sheet, if you can
find it, and they were listed on the original window sticker as well.

Code  Description (Years Applicable)

AA3    Tinted Roof Glass, Chrome Coated
AA3    Tinted Roof Glass (1972)
AB7    Window, Rear Quarter Louvered
AB8    Window, Rear Quarter Formal Style
AC3    Seat Adjuster, 6-Way Power, Bucket
AD3    Glass, Hinged Roof Window
AD7    Window, Rear Quarter Tear Drop, Less Louver
AE1    Glass, Roof Panel
AG1    Seat Adjuster, 6-Way Power, Driver (60/40)
AG1    Electric 6-Way Seat (60/40 - Driver's Side) (1972)
AG2    Seat Adjuster, 6-Way Power, Passenger (60/40)
AG2    Electric 6-Way Seat (60/40 - Passenger's Side) (1972)
AG7    Seat Adjuster, 6-Way Power, Driver (50/50)
AK1    Belts, Deluxe
AK1    Deluxe Seat Belts (1972)
AM6    Seat Assembly, Front Seat Split (60/40) with Center Armrest
AM6    60/40 Seat Assembly - With Center Arm Rest (1972)
AM7    Folding Rear Seat Assembly
AN6    Seat Back, Adjustable, Driver
AN7    Seat Assembly, Bucket, Shell Type Swivel
AP5    Bench Seat - With Center Arm Rest (1972)
AQ4    Seat Assembly, Station Wagon 3rd Seat
AQ9    Seat Assembly, Bucket, Passenger Reclining
AR5    Seat Assembly, Bucket, European Style
AR9    Seat Assembly, Bucket, European Style
AS4    Rear Shoulder Belts, Deluxe Type
AS6    Front Shoulder Belts (1972)
AT6    Recliner Seat, Right Hand Manual
AT8    Seat Assembly, Adjustable (50/50), Passenger, Reclining
AU1    Key, Single Car
AU3    Lock, Side Doors, Electric
AU3    Electric Door Lock, All Doors (1970-1972)
AU4    Lock, Side Door, Electric Automatic
AU5    Lock, Seat Back and Side Door, Electric
AU5    Electric Door and Seat Back Locks (1972)
AU6    Lock Release, Tail Gate, Remote Control Electric
AU7    Key, Single, for Total Fleet
AV3    Cargo Tie Downs
AV7    Seat Assembly, Front (50/50)
A01    Glass, Tinted, All Windows (Tinted Windshield)
A01    Tinted Window Glass (1972)
A02    Glass, Tinted Windshield (Tinted Upper)
A02    Tinted Windshield Glass (1972)
A20    Glass, Rear Quarter Vent, Swing Out
A31    Window, Power Operated All (Except Vent)
A31    Electric Side Windows (Except Vent) (1967)
A31    Electric Side Windows (1972)
A33    Window, Power Tailgate (1972)
A41    Electric 4-Way Seat Adjuster, Bench Seat
A42    Seat Adjuster 6-Way Power, Single Unit
A44    Seat Adjuster
A50    Seat Assembly, Front Bucket, Formed
A51    Seat Assembly, Bucket (Left and Right), Contour
A52    Seat Assembly, Bench
A65    Seat Back, Front Seat Split
A66    Seat Back, 2nd Seat Split
A75    Seat Assembly, Heavy Duty, Front
A76    Heavy Duty Seat Cushion and Back
A90    Lock Release, Rear Compartment Lid, Remote Control Electric
A90    Electric Trunk Lid Latch (1970-1972)
A91    Vacuum Trunk Lid Latch (1966-1969)
A93    Vacuum Side Door Lock (1966-1967)
A93    Vacuum Door Lock, All Doors (1968-1969)
A98    Vacuum Rear Door Lock (1966-1967)
A99    Glove Box Lock

BB4    Map Pocket
BB8    Interior Ornamentation, Door Trim Molding
BC1    Interior Ornamentation, Wood Grain
BC5    Interior Ornamentation, Load Compartment, Carpet
BF2    Carpet, Floor Covering, Deluxe
BG1    Floor Mat, Heavy Duty
BG9    Covering, Floor, Rubber
BS1    Quiet Sound Group
BS2    Acoustical Package
BW2    Molding, Body Side Protection
BW6    Exterior Decor Package
BW7    Exterior Ornamentation, Pillar Applique
BX1    Exterior Ornamentation, Front End Panel
BX3    Exterior Ornamentation, Wood Grain Side Panel
BX6    Exterior Ornamentation, Molding and Applique
BX8    Molding, Used with Two-Tone Paint
BX9    Ornament, Front End Panel
BY1    Exterior Ornamentation, Body Emblem
BY4    Interior Ornamentation, Instrument Panel Monogram
B1Q    Lock, Power Tail Gate
B3X    Estate Equipment
B01    Police Apprehender - City Cruiser (1966-1968, and 1970)
B01    Police Apprehender - City Cruiser w/Heavy Duty Suspension (1969)
B02    Special Body, Taxi Cab
B07    Special Body, Police Car
B07    Police Apprehender - Highway Patrol (1966-1968, and 1970-1972)
B07    Police Apprehender - Highway Patrol w/Heavy Duty Suspension (1969)
B22    Emblem, Door
B26    Handle Door Pull Interior
B28    Floor Mats, Carpet Insert
B30    Carpet, Floor Covering
B32    Mat, Front Floor Throw
B33    Mat, Rear Floor Throw
B34    Mats, Front Floor, Carpet Insert
B35    Mats, Rear Floor, Carpet Insert
B36    Heavy Duty Luggage Compartment Mat
B37    Floor Mats, Front and Rear
B39    Carpet, Load Floor and Deck Lid
B44    Carpet, Load Floor Seat Back
B48    Luggage Compartment Trim
B51    Molding, Rocker Panel Wide
B65    Trunk Assembly, Floor Cover
B71    Exterior Ornamentation, Custom Wheel Opening Moldings
B75    Lining, Luggage Compartment
B77    Molding, Windshield Reveal
B79    Exterior Ornamentation, Rear End
B80    Molding, Roof Drip
B83    Molding, Rocker Panel
B84    Molding, Body Side
B85    Molding, Body Reveal
B86    Molding, Custom Rear Quarter Lower
B89    Molding, Back Window Reveal
B90    Molding, Side Window Reveal
B93    Guards, Door Edge
B94    Emblem, Body "GT"
B95    Applique, Pillar
B96    Molding, Wheel Opening
B97    Spoiler

CA1    Roof, Steel Sliding Sun, Electric
CB4    Vinyl Padded Roof (Integral Pad), Rear
CB5    Vinyl Padded Roof (with 1/4" Pad), Full
CB7    Vinyl Padded Roof (Integral Pad), Front
CC1    Panels, Removable Roof Hatch
CD3    Demand Wiper System (1971)
CD4    Washer and Wiper, Windshield, Pulse System
CF4    Roof, Sliding Sun
CF5    Astro Roof, Electric
C04    Vinyl Padded Roof (with 1/4" Pad), Rear
C08    Vinyl Padded Roof (with 1/4" Pad), Full (1967)
C09    Vinyl Padded Roof (Integral Pad), Full
C24    Recessed Windshield Wiper (F-85) (1968)
C28    Dual Action Tailgate (1969)
C48    Delete Heater & Defroster (1967)
C49    Electric Defrosting Rear Window (1969)
C50    Rear Window Defogger (1967-1969)
C60    Air Conditioning (1967-1969)
C61    Air Conditioning with Automatic Controls (1967-1969)
C18    Black Windshield Wiper and Blade
C24    Wipers, Recess Parked
C26    Power Tailgate (1971-1972)
C28    Dual Action Tailgate (1970)
C41    Heater and Defroster, Outside Air
C46    Heater, Hi-Flow
C48    Delete Heater & Defroster (1966)
C49    Defogger, Rear Window, Electric
C49    Electric Defrosting Rear Window (1970 and 1972)
C49    Electric Rear Window Defogger (1971)
C50    Defogger, Rear Window
C50    Rear Window Defroster (1966)
C50    Rear Window Defogger (1970)
C51    Deflector, Station Wagon Air
C60    Air Conditioner, Manual Control
C60    Air Conditioning (1966 and 1970-1972)
C61    Air Conditioner, Automatic Control
C61    Air Conditioning with Automatic Controls (1966 and 1970-1971)
C61    Air Conditioning with Automatic Controls (Comfortron) (1972)
C65    Air Conditioner, Semi-Automatic Control
C80    Switch, Front Door Jamb
C81    Switch, Rear Door Jamb
C87    Lamp, Rear Quarter Courtesy
C88    Lamp, Rear Compartment Courtesy
C90    Lamp, Combination Courtesy and Door Wiring
C91    Lamp, Front Dome
C93    Lamp, Opera, Exterior Lock Pillar or Sail Panel
C95    Lamp, Dome and Reading
C97    Lamp Courtesy, Door Handle Operated

DF3    Mirror, Remote Control RH, Chrome
DH5    Mirror, Visor Vanity, Left
DJ9    Mirror, Rear View RH, Sport Type
DL1    Decals and Stripes
DX4    Tape, Accent Stripe
DX9    Tape, Accent Stripe
D24    Litter Container
D31    Mirror, Inside Tilt Rear View (Non-Glare)
D33    Mirror, Remote Control LH, Chrome
D34    Mirror, Visor Vanity
D35    Mirror, Remote Control LH, Custom
D41    Ash Tray, Rear Quarter
D55    Console, Compartment Floor (Var. 1)
D58    Console, Front Compartment Floor (Extra Long) (Var. 3)
D64    Mirror, Visor Vanity, Illuminated Passenger Side
D65    Mirror, Remote Control LH, with Thermometer
D66    Mirror, Remote Control LH, with Thermometer, Illuminated
D68    Mirror, Remote Control RH and LH
D69    Mirror, Remote Control LH, Sport Type
D73    Hand Rail, Pick-Up Box
D80    Extension, Rear End Panel
D84    Paint, Custom Two-Tone
D85    Tape, Accent Stripe
D88    Stripe Group
D89    Paint, Special Decor
D90    Stripe Group
D91    Paint, Two-Tone with Rear Quarter Upper Paint Break Mouldings
D92    Tape, Door Handle Insert
D98    Stripe Group (Tape)
D99    Paint, Two-Tone

E28    Handle, Assist
E86    Cover, Tonneau Cargo Box, Snap-On

FE2    Suspension System, Ride and Handling
FG2    Shock Absorbers, Front and Rear, Firm Ride
F40    Suspension System, Front and Rear, Heavy Duty (Var. 1)
F41    Suspension System, Front and Rear, Heavy Duty (Var. 2)
F59    Stabilizer, Front
F90    Axle Ratio, Front 2.73

GM8    Axle Ratio, Rear 2.56
GN3    Lever Control, Semi-Automatic, Rear Shocks
GU1    Axle Ratio, Rear 2.41
GU2    Axle Ratio, Rear 2.73 (Var. 2)
GU4    Axle Ratio, Rear 3.08 (Var. 2)
GU5    Axle Ratio, Rear 3.23
GU6    Axle Ratio, Rear 3.42
G51    Heavy Duty Rear Springs (1966-1970)
G66    Shock Absorbers, Rear, Air Lift, Manual
G66    Superlift Rear Shock Absorbers (1967-1972)
G67    Shock Absorbers, Rear, Air Lift, Automatic
G67    Automatic Superlift Rear Shock Absorbers (1966)
G69    Rear Stabilizer Shaft (1966-1967)
G80    Locking Type (Anti-Spin) Differential (1966-1972)
G80    Limited Slip Differential
G92    Rear Axle, Performance Ratio
G95    Rear Axle, Economy

H04    Axle Ratio, Rear, 4.11 (T-Car)
HE3    Front Axle, 3.07:1 Ratio

JL1    Pads, Custom Pedal Trim
JL2    Brakes, Front Disc, Single Piston
JL2    Front Disc Brakes - Power (1969-1972)
JL6    Brakes, Front Disc, Manual
JL9    Wheel Lock Control (Toronado and Vista Cruiser) (1970)
JL9    Wheel Lock Control (Toronado) (1971)
JL9    True-Track Braking (Toronado) (1972)
J50    Brake System, Power (Var. 1)
J50    Power Brakes (1966-1972)
J52    Front Disc Brakes - Power (1967-1968)
J55    Brakes, Heavy Duty
J55    Heavy Duty Brakes (Police Usage) (1968-1972)
J56    Heavy Duty Brakes (Police Usage) (1966-1967)
J90    Brakes, Rear Drum

K05    Heater, Engine Block
K15    Fuel Vapor Return Line, California
K19    Reactor System, Air Injection (Var. 1)
K19    Air Injection Reactor System (Calif. Cars) (1966-1967)
K20    Crankcase Ventilation - Closed Circuit (Calif. Cars) (1966-1967)
K30    Automatic Throttle Control (Cruise Control) (1966 and 1968)
K30    Throttle Control, Automatic Cruise Control
K30    Automatic Throttle Control (Cruise Control) (1967 and 1969-1972)
K66    Capacitor Discharge Ignition System (1967)
K76    Delcotron, 61 Amp.
K77    Delcotron, 55 Amp.
K81    60 Amp. Delcotron
K97    Delcotron, with Built-in Regulator, 80 Amp.

LD7    Engine, V6 (231)
LG3    Engine, V-8 2BC (305)
LM1    Engine, V-8 4BC (350), Single Exhaust
LV8    Engine, V-8 2BC (260)
LX6    Engine, 151 2BC
L22    Engine, 6 Cylinder 1BC (250)
L27    Engine, V-8 2BC (330)
L30    Low Compression 455 Cu. In. 2-Bbl. (1970-1971)
L31    High Compression 455 Cu. In. 4-Bbl. (1970-1971)
L32    Engine, V-8 2BC (350)
L32    455 Cu. In. 4-Bbl. (1971)
L32    350 Cu. In. 2-Bbl. (A Body) (1972)
L34    Engine, V-8 4BC (350)
L34    350 Cu. In. V-8 4-Bbl. (A Body) (1972)
L35    Engine, 350 CID, 4BBL
L35    350 Cu. In. V-8 4 Bbl. (B Body) Mandatory for Calif. (1972)
L65    Domestic Low Compression V-8 2-Bbl. Engine (1966)
L65    Low Compression 350 Cu. In. 2-Bbl. (4200 Only) or Low Compression 400 Cu. In. 2-Bbl. (4400 & 4800) (1968)
L65    Low Compression 350 Cu. In. 2-Bbl. (1970)
L65    350 Cu. In. 2-Bbl. (1971)
L66    High Compression 455 Cu. In. V-8 2-Bbl. (1968)
L72    Engine, 455 CID., 2BBL
L73    Domestic Low Compression V-8 4-Bbl. 330 Cu. In. Engine (1966)
L74    Engine, V-8 4BC (330)
L74    High Compression V-8 Engine (1966)
L74    High Compression V-8 Engine 4-Bbl. (1967)
L74    High Compression 350 Cu. In. V-8 4Bbl. (1968-1970)
L74    350 Cu. In. V-8 4 Bbl. (1971)
L74    455 Cu. In. 4-Bbl. (B Body) (1972)
L75    High Compression Starfire V-8 Engine (1966-1967)
L75    455 Cu. In. 4-Bbl. (A Body) (1972)
L76    Engine, V-8 4BC (330, 350)
L76    High Compression V-8 Performance Engine (For B-01 or B-07)
         (Same as L-74 Except for Spark Plugs and Air Cleaner Label) (1966-1968)
L77    Engine, V-8 4BC (350)
L77    High Compression V-8 Performance Engine (400 Cu. In. F-85's)
         (Same as L-76 Plus Dual Exhaust with 425 Cu. In. Engine) (1966)
L77    High Compression V-8 Performance Engine (1967)
L77    High Compression 400 Cu. In. V-8 Performance Engine (Police) (1968)
L77    455 Cu. In. 4-Bbl. (A Body W-30) (1972)
L78    Engine, V-8 4BC (400), Pontiac (1975)
L78    Engine, V-8 4BC (455), Oldsmobile
L78    High Compression V-8 Performance Engine (1967)
L78    High Compression 400 Cu. In. V-8 Performance Engine (1968)
L80    Engine, V-8 4BC (403)

MC4    Shift, Floor Sport
MY1    Manual Transmission, 4-Speed
M11    Shift, Floor
M11    3-Speed Column Shift (1968)
M13    Heavy Duty F-85 Column Shift 3-Speed Manual Transmission (1966-1967)
M14    Heavy Duty F-85 Floor Shift 3-Speed Manual Transmission (1966-1967)
M14    3-Speed Fully Synchronized H.D., Floor Shift (1968-1969)
M15    Manual Transmission, 3-Speed, Fully Synchronized (1970-1972)
M20    Manual Transmission, 4-Speed (Var. 1)
M20    Floor Shift 4-Speed Manual Transmission (1966-1967)
M20    4-Speed Fully Synchronized, Wide Ratio, Floor Shift (1968-1972)
M21    Manual Transmission, 4-Speed (Var. 2)
M21    Floor Shift 4-Speed Close Ratio Manual Transmission (1966-1967)
M21    4-Speed Close Ratio Synchronized, Floor Shift (1968-1970)
M22    4-Speed Heavy Duty (W30 only) (1971)
M29    Automatic Transmission (TH-200)
M31    Jetaway Trans. with Fixed Stator (1966-1967)
M31    Jetaway Transmission (1968-1969)
M32    Jetaway Trans. with Fixed Stator on L-77 or L-78 Opt. Engine (1966)
M33    Jetaway Trans. with Variable Stator (Except with L-77 & L-78 Engine Options) (1966)
M33    Jetaway Trans. with Variable Stator (Except with L-66, L-76, L-77 & L-78 Engine Options) (1967)
M34    Heavy Duty Jetaway with Variable Stator with L-76 Engine (1966-1967)
M38    Automatic Transmission (TH-350)
M38    Turbo Hydra-Matic Transmission (A Body Only) (1969)
M38    Turbo Hydra-Matic Transmission (350) (1970-1972)
M40    Automatic Transmission (TH-400)
M40    Turbo Hydra-Matic Transmission (1966-1969)
M40    Turbo Hydra-Matic Transmission (400) (1970-1972)
M41    Heavy Duty Turbo Hydra-Matic Transmission (1966-1967)
M55    Auxiliary Oil Cooler, Automatic Transmission (1968-1972)
M75    Manual Transmission, 5-Speed (Var. 1)

NA2    Standard Emission Group
NB2    NOx Emission System (California)
NB5    Exhaust System, Single
NK3    Steering Wheel, Sport, Soft Rim, Simulated Leather
NK4    Wheel, Deluxe Leather Steering
NK5    Wheel, Standard Steering
NP1    Economy Equipment, V6
N10    Exhaust System, Dual
N10    Dual Exhaust System with L-73, L-74 & L-76 (1966)
N10    Dual Exhaust System with L-74 & L-76 (1967-1969)
N10    Dual Exhaust System (1970-1972)
N11    Dual Exhaust System with L-77 & L-78 (1966)
N11    Dual Exhaust System with L-66, L-77 & L-78 (1967)
N30    Steering Wheel, Deluxe
N33    Steering Wheel, Tilt Type
N33    Tilt Steering Column (1970-1972)
N33    Tilt Steering Column (F-85) (1968-1969)
N34    Steering Wheel, Wood Grained Plastic
N37    Steering Column, Tilt and Telescoping
N37    Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel (All Exc. F-85) (1968-1969)
N37    Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel (1970-1972)
N40    Power Steering (1968-1970)
N41    Steering, Power, Variable Ratio
N47    Variable Ratio Power Steering
N47    Power Steering - Variable Ratio (1971-1972)
N51    Steering, Manual System
N65    Wheel and Tire, Spare, Space Saver
N66    Wheel, Rally Type (Super Stock II) (13")
N67    Wheel, Rally Type (Super Stock III) (Chrome) (14")
N71    Wheel, Custom Sport (Super Stock II) (Cast Gray Color) (14")
N72    Wheel, Custom Sport (Super Stock III) (Lower Body Color) (15")
N73    Wheel, Custom Sport (Super Stock III) (Lower Body Color) (13")
N74    Wheel, 13 x 6JJ
N77    Wheel, Forged Aluminum
N82    Wheel Equipment, Custom Sport, 15 x 6, Chrome Spider
N83    Wheel Equipment, Custom Sport, 15 x 7, Chrome Spider
N92    Cover, Simulated Wire Wheel
N95    Cover, Simulated Wire Wheel (15")
N96    Cover, Simulated Chrome Wheel (15")
N97    Wheel, Heavy Duty (15")
N98    Wheel, Chrome (15") (Rally II)
N99    Wheel, Heavy Duty (14")

PA1    Trim Discs, Wheel (Var. 5) (Chrome)
PA3    Trim Discs, Wheel (Var. 6) (Deluxe Chrome) (15")
PB1    Cover, Wheel Deluxe (15")
PB2    Cover, Wheel Trim
PC2    14 x 7JJ Wheel Option
PE1    Wheel, 14 x 7 Polycast
PE2    Wheel, 15 x 7 Polycast
PH1    Wheel, (15 x 7JJ)
PH2    Wheel, (15 x 6JJ)
PH5    Wheel Assembly, 15 x 5
PQ9    Tire, 8.85 x 15 4-Ply Custom Whitewall Polyester Cord (1969 Toronado)
PS3    Tire, Fiberglass-Belted Triple-Stripe Whitewall (1970 Toronado)
P01    Trim Discs, Wheel (Var. 1)
P02    Trim Discs, Wheel (Var. 2)
P03    Trim Discs, Wheel (Var. 3)
P04    Tire, 8.85 x 15 2-Ply Whitewall (1968 Toronado)
P05    Wheel Equipment, Chrome (15") Rally III (Var. 2)
P06    Trim Rings, Wheel (13") with Cap
P08    Cover, Wheel Deluxe (15")
P17    Cover, Spare Wheel
P20    Cap, Hub
P26    Tire, Fiberglass-Belted, White Stripe
P26    8.85 x 15 2-Ply Whitewall (1969 Toronado)
P83    Tire, J78 x 15 Fiberglass-Belted Dual-White Stripe (1969 Toronado)

TJ3    Molding, Front Fender Lower
TL4    Grille, Painted
TN6    Battery, Maintenance Free
TP1    Battery, Maintenance Free
T33    Nameplate, Front Fender
T41    Hood, Special Sheet Metal
T44    Interior Operated Hood Lock
T44    Hood Lock Interior-Operated (1972)
T52    Ornamentation, Front
T58    Skirt, Rear Wheel Opening
T60    Heavy Duty Battery
T63    Headlamp On Warning System (Buzzer)
T70    Lamp Group
T81    Headlamp "Off" Delay (1970-1971)
T81    Headlamp "Off" Delay (Night-Watch) (1972)
T82    On-Off Control, Headlamp Automatic
T87    Lamps, Cornering
T87    Cornering Lamp (1966-1972)
T93    Applique, Tail Lamp

UA1    Battery, Heavy Duty
UB7    Cluster Assembly, Warning and Trip Odometer
UB7    Safety Sentinel and Trip Odometer (1971-1972)
UE8    Clock, Electric (Digital)
UF3    Lamp, Map (with Sun Visor Support)
UF7    Cluster, Oil, Temp, Volt Meter, Fuel Economy
UF8    Switch, Dimmer Headlamp
UH1    Lamp Monitor, Electric 
UM1    AM Radio and 8-Track Tape Player
UM2    AM-FM Stereo Radio and 8 Track Tape Player
UN9    Radio Suppression Equipment
UO5    Dual Horns
UR1    Fuel Economy Vacuum Gauge
UX6    Front Dual Speakers
UX9    Speaker, Front
UY8    Radio, AM/FM, Digital Clock
U05    Dual Horns
U09    Horn, 4-Note
U11    Police Car Speedometer
U14    Rally Gauge, Tach and Clock
U15    Speed Alert, Trip Odometer
U15    Safety Sentinel (1966-1970)
U16    Engine Tachometer (1966)
U21    Instrument Panel Gauges
U21    Rally Pack (1967-1972)
U25    Lamp, Luggage Compartment
U26    Lamp, Engine Compartment
U27    Lamp, Instrument Panel Compartment
U28    Lamp, Ash Tray
U29    Lamp, Instrument Panel Courtesy
U30    Instrument Gauges
U35    Electric Clock
U37    Lighter, Cigar
U38    Warning System, Low Coolant
U41    Indicator, Low Fuel
U41    Low Fuel Indicator (1971-1972)
U46    Monitor, External Lamp
U57    Player, Tape
U58    Radio, Stereo (with Antenna)
U63    Radio, Pushbutton Control (with Antenna)
U69    Radio AM/FM (with Antenna)
U75    Antenna, Power
U76    Antenna, Windshield Embedded
U80    Speaker, Rear Auxiliary
U80    Rear Seat Speaker (1966-1972)
U81    Speaker, Rear Dual
U89    Wiring Harness, Car Trailer (5 Wire)
U89    Trailer Hauling Wire Harness (1966-1972)
U90    Wiring Harness, Roof Flasher
U94    Light Cable, Trailer (7 Wire)

VE5    Strip, Front and Rear Bumper Impact
VF6    Bumper, Rear Step
VG4    Protector, Bumper Filler
VG8    Bumper, Rear with Vinyl Insert
VJ9    Exhaust Emission Level (California Cars)
VK1    Licence Plate, Front Mounting Package
VK3    Mounting, Front Licence Plate
V01    Radiator, Heavy Duty (Var. 1)
V01    Heavy Duty Radiator (1970)
V02    Radiator, Heavy Duty (Var. 2)
V1J    Brougham Trim with 60/40 Seat
V30    Guards, Front and Rear Bumper
V31    Guards, Front Bumper (Chrome)
V32    Guards, Rear Bumper (Chrome)
V36    Bumper Guards with Vinyl Inserts
V55    Carrier, Roof Luggage
V56    Lock and Trim, Luggage Compartment
V65    Bumper, Light Duty
V81    Trailer Provisions, SAE Class 1 (2000 lbs.)
V82    Trailer Provisions, SAE Class 2 (3500 lbs.)

WA3    Power Seat, 6 Way (Passenger and Driver)
WA5    Dual Speakers (Front and Rear)
WB2    AM Stereo Radio Tape
WB3    AM-FM Stereo Radio Tape
WB4    AM-FM Stereo Radio
WB6    Gauges, Instrument Cluster with Clock
WB7    Vinyl Roof, Rear Vinyl (Pad Attached)
WC2    Molding Package
WC4    Convenience Group
WC9    Exhaust Emission Group
WD3    Appearance Group
WD4    Accessory Package
WF5    Custom Trim Group
WH3    Appearance Group
WH4    Tachometer and Clock
WH5    Handling Package
WJ6    Body Side Decals
WJ7    Leather, Custom
WJ9    F-85 Deluxe Package
WM4    Heavy Duty Battery
WM7    Two-Tone Paint
WO2    Wood Grain Group
WP5    Custom Trim
WT1    Suspension, Bias Tire
WU2    GT Option
WU7    Third Seat, Wagon
WW8    Instrument Panel Tachometer, Rally Clock, Gauges
WX3    Ram Air, Shaker Hood
WY5    Suspension, Radial Tuned
W20    Convenience Group
W25    Forced Air Induction System
W26    Front Compartment Console - Dual Gate Shifter
W26    Front Compartment Console - Dual Gate (1971-1972)
W27    Aluminum Differential Cover
W29    442 Appearance and Handling Package
W29    442 Performance Package (1966-1967)
W30    Carburetor Outside Air, Induction System
W30    Air Induction System (442) (1968-1969)
W30    Air Induction System 455 Cu. In. (1970-1972)
W31    Carburetor Outside Air, Induction System
W31    Air Induction System (32, 36, and 4200) (1969)
W31    Air Induction System 350 Cu. In. (1970)
W32    Performance Package
W32    455 Cu. In. Engine - SX (1970)
W33    Performance Package
W33    Police Engine - 455 Cu. In. (1970)
W34    Force-Air Induction System (Toronado) (1968)
W34    High Performance Package (Toronado) (1969-1970)
W35    Rear Deck Air Spoiler
W37    Heavy Duty Clutch
W37    Clutch Heavy Duty Two Plate (1971-1972)
W39    Hurst 3-Speed Floor Shifter
W39    Hurst Shifter - 3-Speed Floor Shift (1972)
W45    Rally 350 Option
W50    Appearance Group
W60    Appearance Group, Special Esprit
W61    Decor, Simulated Wood
W62    Luxury Appointment Group
W63    Rally Clock and Gauges
W66    400 Sport Option
W71    Seat, Custom Front and Rear

YE4    Exterior and Interior, Deluxe
YF4    Guard and Strip, Bumper
YJ8    Cast Aluminum Wheels
YJ9    Exterior Decor Package
Y02    Seat, Front Custom
Y03    Seat, Rear Custom
Y05    Deadener, Floor
Y07    Molding, Side Window Reveal
Y10    Custom Doors and Quarter
Y11    Seat, Front, Special Design
Y12    Seat, Rear, Special Design
Y19    Molding, Body Side Lower
Y40    Heavy Duty Cooling
Y51    Molding Group
Y53    Front and Rear Bumper Guards
Y56    Accessory Group
Y60    Convenience Group
Y61    Hurst Delta Royale
Y62    Instrument Cluster, Special Features
Y62    Reminder Package
Y63    Value Package
Y66    SX Package
Y67    Low Washer Fluid Indicator
Y70    Stripe, Decal
Y71    Outside Temperature Indicator
Y72    Heavy Duty Engine Cooling (1968-1969)
Y72    Heavy Duty Engine Cooling & Generator (1970-1971)
Y72    Heavy Duty Engine Cooling & Generator (61 AMP) (1972)
Y73    G.T. Hood Paint Stripe (1969 Hurst/Olds and Toronado Jade Spring Color)
Y74    Indy Pace Car Option
Y75    Heavy Duty 15" Wheels, Hubs & Drums (With B-07) (1966)
Y75    Heavy Duty 15" Wheels, Hubs & Drums (With B-01, B-07) (1967-1968)
Y75    Exterior Sport Equipment (1971)
Y76    Heavy Duty Engine Cooling & Generator Package (1966-1967)
Y78    Cutlass Salon Option
Y78    Demand Wiper System (1970)
Y79    Ninety Eight Regency Package (1972-1975)
Y82    Golden Anniversary
Y83    LJ Option
Y90    Custom Trim
Y92    Lamp Group
Y96    Firm Ride Option
Y97    SJ Option
Y99    Handling Package

ZJ1    Custom Interior
ZJ2    Custom Exterior
ZJ3    Interior Decor and Convenience Group
ZJ5    Exterior Decor
ZJ9    Auxiliary Lighting Group (Cutlass Supreme Cruiser) (1975)
ZK7    Noise Level Control
ZL9    Luxury Interior
ZN5    Color-Coded Rally Wheels
ZX5    Appearance Group
Z03    Landau Equipment
Z06    Luxury Interior Trim
Z15    S.S. Model
Z20    Paint, Two-Tone Accent Package
Z21    Style Trim
Z26    S.S. (Super Sport)
Z29    GT Option (Vinyl stripe)
Z49    Mandatory Canadian Base Equipment Modification (Export) (1972)
Z54    Interior Decor/Quiet Sound Group
Z85    Rally Sport Equipment
Z95    Catalytic Converter Delete (for Leaded Fuel Option)