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1974 Continental Mark IV
Saddle and White Luxury Group

A late 1974 introduction guarantees rarity today


Years Available: 1974-1976
Body Color Code: 9D - White
Paint Stripe Code: I - Brown
Vinyl Roof Code: LZ - Saddle Normande Grain Full Vinyl Roof
Interior Trim Code: DZ - White Leather with Saddle Vinyl Cross Straps, Bolsters, and Components
Price: $400.00
1974 Continental Mark IV with Saddle and White Luxury Group optionLate in the 1974 model year, Lincoln was looking for a way to spark sales of the Continental Mark IV, which had dropped off considerably from the previous year due in part to the first round of gas shortages that plagued the seventies. The luxury group option was an inexpensive way for Lincoln to dress up the cars and generate a few new sales, while providing their customers with an extra measure of distinction. Earth tones in fashion and home decor were all the rage at the time, and dark brown had been a very popular color for cars for several years, so the choice was made to pick a shade of dark brown, call it Saddle, and contrast it with a brilliant White for impact. And the result was the Saddle and White Luxury Group.

This luxury group was available with a body color of White paint (code 9C) with a distinctive Saddle-colored Normande grain vinyl roof (code FZ). Body side paint stripes in Brown (code I) added a tasteful highlight to the profile appearance.

Saddle and White Leather interiorInside, the new sew style featuring a biscuit pattern designed for the Gold Luxury Group interior was also selected for the Saddle and White Luxury Group interior (code DZ), with a daring difference. While the Tan colored leather with Dark Brown accent straps of the Gold Luxury Group could be considered conservative in appearance, the interior of the Saddle and White Luxury Group would make no pretense of being understated. Harking back to the colorful interiors of the 1950s, the two tone interior for the Saddle and White Luxury Group consisted of leather seats with Saddle-colored vinyl bolsters and straps, carpeting, instrument panel, headlining, door and side panels, seat back map pockets, and moldings. The seating surfaces were White leather, and matching White vinyl inserts on the door and side panels blended everything together beautifully. This color combination was very popular with Continental buyers, and would be offered again with expanded exterior color selections the following year. The two tone interiors in expanded color choices would also be utilized in new luxury group options that would be introduced over the next few years.

For the discriminating Mark IV connoisseur desiring increased self expression in tasteful elegance, the 1974 Continental Mark IV with Saddle and White Luxury Group would be hard to beat.

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