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1969 Continental Mark III
Image: 1969 Continental Mark III Nugget Gold cloth and vinyl interior
Plush Nugget Gold Cloth and Vinyl trim (trim code 1Y) was one of six standard interior selections. The interior shown above is from an early production car, built during the 1968 model year. (Note the lack of front seat head rests.)
Twin Comfort Lounge Seats with Armrests


1A Black
1B Blue
1G Dark Ivy (Green)
1K Aqua
1P Gray
1Y Nugget Gold
Image: 1969 Continental Mark III Red Leather interior
Distinctive and elegant Red Leather (code 2D, rear seat is shown above). If you wanted a Red-colored interior in 1969, leather was
the only trim offered in that color. We would say that it was worth
the extra cost. Wow!
Twin Comfort Lounge Seats with Armrests


2A Black
2B Blue
2D Red
2F Saddle
2G Dark Ivy (Green)
2K Aqua
2P Gray
2W White
2Y Nugget Gold

NOTE: The wrinkles found in the vinyl and leather interior trim panels and on the seats were intentionally included at the request of the interior design team. It was determined that this would give the interior a richer, more comfortable appearance. The quality control people had to be convinced that this was not a defect from the supplier, nor a quality issue, but an intentional design detail.
Image: Overhead view of 1969 Continental Mark III
Continental Mark III shown above with Black Cavalry Twill vinyl roof (code A). Note that the vinyl roof seams run along the extreme edge of the roof.
Cavalry Twill Vinyl


A Black
G Dark Ivy Gold (Dark Green)
W White

Note 1: Just 95 cars were built without a vinyl roof.
Note 2: The original factory vinyl roof on all Mark III models featured a 3-piece vinyl roof covering with wide seams. The seams ran along the extreme top edge of the roof, and were heat bonded. This installation seems to be difficult for installers to duplicate today, reportedly due to the width of remaining Cavalry Twill stock. Padding was located under the side panels only, the flat part of the roof was not padded. Click to see detailed Cavalry Twill vinyl roof seam or Cavalry Twill vinyl pattern in new window or tab.

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