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1977 Lincoln Versailles
Optional Equipment

Image: 1977 Lincoln Versailles

The 1977 Lincoln Versailles was an extraordinarily equipped car in base form. In fact, is was the best equipped Lincoln to date. A relatively short list of luxury options were available to Versailles buyers, so they could tailor their car to meet their individual needs and tastes.

Reclining Bucket Seat Group ($467)
Includes: Reclining Bucket Seats, Console, Leather and Vinyl Trim
Leather and Vinyl Trim (Flight Bench Seat—$295)
AM/FM/MPX Radio with Quadrasonic 8-Track Tape Player ($87)
AM/FM/MPX Radio with 8-Track Tape Player ($84 Credit)
Power Moonroof ($1,027)
Colors available: Gold, Silver, or Brown
Remote-Control Garage Door Opener ($87)
Tu-Tone Paint ($59)
Electric Rear Window Defroster ($88)
Power Lock Convenience Group ($147)
Includes: Power Door Locks and Electric Deck Lid Release
Speed Control ($124)
Tilt Steering Wheel ($77)
Protective Bodyside Molding ($44)
Floor-Mounted Shift (Bucket Seat Group required—$33)
Traction-Lok Axle ($65)
Appearance Protection Group ($65)
Includes: Door Edge Guards, Floor Mats, and License Plate Frames
Front License Plate Bracket (Installed at no charge for delivery to states where a front license plate is required)
California Emissions System ($54)
Engine Block Heater ($20)

Options shown at right: (Top) Power Moonroof in closed position, allows view from inside car, but tinted glass panel reduces glare and light from the outside; (middle) Power Moonroof in open position, allows fresh air and sunshine into the car without wind noise or drafts, panel opens and closes at the touch of a button; (bottom) Speed Control makes long trips more comfortable and relaxing, eliminates necessity of watching speed; (bottom) AM/FM/MPX Radio with Quadrasonic 8-Track Tape Player provides quadraphonic sound separation with four separate channels, each played through its own speaker.

Image: 1977 Lincoln Versailles options