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Image: Lincoln color ribbon

1971 Lincoln Continental
Exterior Paint Colors and Codes

Lincoln's Golden Anniversary

The 1971 Lincoln Continental offered performance, ride and appointments that went far beyond conventional standards of prestige and luxury.

Image: 1971 Lincoln Continental Sedan

Above: 1971 Lincoln Continental Sedan shown in Dark Gray Metallic (paint code K) with optional Black vinyl roof.



A - Black (9000)
B - Medium Blue (14181)
G - Gold Poly (81608)
P - Silver Poly (32520)
R - Medium Green (44150)
T - Medium Brown (23251)
W - White (8378)


Black A Black (9000-9300)
Maroon Metallic B Maroon Metallic (2295)
Bright Aqua Metallic F Bright Aqua Metallic (2282)
Dark Green G Dark Green Metallic (2288)
Light Green H Light Green (2290)
Dark Gray Metallic K Dark Gray Metallic (2145)
Light Gray Metallic L Light Gray Metallic (2144)
White M White (8378)
Pastel Blue N Pastel Blue (11683)
Light Yellow Gold O Light Yellow Gold (2298)
Medium Green Metallic P Medium Green Metallic (2289)
Medium Blue Metallic Q Medium Blue Metallic (2372)
Dark Brown Metallic R Dark Brown Metallic (2140)
Gray Gold Metallic S Gray Gold Metallic (2326)
Red T Red (71528)
Light Pewter Metallic V Light Pewter Metallic (2287)
Yellow W Yellow (2157)
Dark Blue Metallic X Dark Blue Metallic (13076)
Deep Blue Metallic Y Deep Blue Metallic (2137)
Tan 2 Tan (2285)
Medium Brown Metallic 5 Medium Brown Metallic (2371)
Bright Blue Metallic 6 Bright Blue Metallic (13357)
Red Moondust Metallic C9 Red Moondust Metallic* (2361)
Blue Moondust Metallic D9 Blue Moondust Metallic* (2283)
Ivy Moondust Metallic E9 Ivy Moondust Metallic* (2360)
Anniversary Gold Moondust Metallic J9 Anniversary Gold Moondust Metallic*+ (2389)
Ginger Moondust Metallic 39 Ginger Moondust Metallic* (2286)

1971 Lincoln Continentals had a triple-coated enamel finish applied over electrocoat primer.

*Note: Moondust Glamour Metallic acrylic enamel paints feature a high-metallic content that give the Lincoln Continentals a sparkle that surpasses that of conventional metallic paints.

+ Golden Anniversary Town Car Edition only.