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Image: Lincoln color ribbon

1970 Lincoln Continental
Exterior Paint Colors and Codes

Most dramatic change since 1961

With its dramatic new styling, the 1970 Lincoln Continental had a sleek body that was especially well suited to the new paint colors and allowed them to really sparkle. Long, uninterrupted panels emphasized the simplicity and elegance of the design.

Continuity of look was important to Lincoln, and this design took Lincoln boldly into the new decade, where it would prove to be a greater challenge to its competition than ever before.

Image: 1970 Lincoln Continental Sedan



A - Black (9000)
B - Medium Blue (2230) (Early production)
B - Light Blue (13317) (Late production)
G - Medium Ivy (44228) (Early production)
G - Gold Poly (81608) (Late production)
L - Lime (43739)
P - Silver Poly (32520) (Late production)
R - Vermillion (71529)
S - Silver Poly (32520) (Early production)
T - Medium Brown (23251)
V - Ivory (81584)
W - White (8378)
Y - Gold Poly (81608) (Early production)


Image: Black A - Black (9000-9300)
Image: Dark Maroon B - Dark Maroon (2150)
Image: Dark Green Metallic C - Dark Green Metallic (2146)
Image: Light Blue E - Light Blue (12997)
Image: Dark Aqua Metallic F - Dark Aqua Metallic (13229)
Image: Light Green H - Light Green (43575)
Image: Dark Orchid Metallic I - Dark Orchid Metallic (2041)
Image: Deep Blue Metallic J - Deep Blue Metallic (2137)
Image: Light Gray Metallic L - Light Gray Metallic (2144)
Image: White M - White (8378)
Medium Green Metallic O - Medium Green Metallic+ (43645)
Image: Medium Ivy Green Metallic P - Medium Ivy Green Metallic (2147)
Image: Medium Blue Metallic Q - Medium Blue Metallic (2138)
Image: Dark Brown Metallic R - Dark Brown Metallic (2140)
Image: Medium Gold Metallic S - Medium Gold Metallic (2044)
Image: Medium Aqua Metallic U - Medium Aqua Metallic (12745)
Image: Dark Blue X - Dark Blue (2139)
Image: Medium Bronze Metallic Y - Medium Bronze Metallic (2142)
Image: Dark Gray Metallic Z - Dark Gray Metallic (2145)
Image: Light Ivy Yellow 2 - Light Ivy Yellow (2047)
Image: Medium Brown Metallic 5 - Medium Brown Metallic (2160)
Image: Light Gold 8 - Light Gold (2043)
Image: Pastel Yellow 9 - Pastel Yellow (81584)
Image: Olive Stardust Metallic 09 - Olive Stardust Metallic* (2141/2237)**
Image: Green Stardust Metallic 19 - Green Stardust Metallic* (2148/2239)**
Image: Red Stardust Metallic 59 - Red Stardust Metallic* (2158)
Image: Bronze Stardust Metallic 89 - Bronze Stardust Metallic* (2143/2238)**

*Note: Stardust Metallic acrylic enamel paints feature a high-metallic content that give the Lincoln Continentals a star-dusty glow that surpasses that of conventional metallic paints.

**Number before slash denotes Ditzler paint code for early production cars built prior to September 1969; number after slash denotes paint codes used on later production cars built during September 1969 and later.