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1972 Lincoln Continental
Town Car

The Town Car was offered as a full production model for 1972

Town Car was originally the name given to an interior trim option that first appeared on the 1969 Lincoln Continental Sedan. Consisting of leather seat upholstery in a unique sew style, it also featured color-keyed padded vinyl in areas of the instrument panel and on door trim panels where simulated woodgrain inserts normally appeared. There was no exterior identification that indicated the car was anything special, and this would be the rule for the 1970 model year as well.

For 1971, to celebrate Lincoln's 50th Anniversary, a special limited edition model bearing the Town Car name was introduced. Interior amenities were similar to those of 1969 and 1970, but there were additional items added as well, such as an instrument panel-mounted nameplate that identified the car as special, and Town Car Plaques on the exterior. Details are provided on the 1971 Lincoln Continental Golden Anniversary Town Car page [opens in new window or tab].

In order to offer the discerning motorist the ultimate in elegance for 1972, the Town Car was offered as a full production model in the Lincoln Continental line. This had become a necessary step for Lincoln, as Cadillac had offered the high line Fleetwood Brougham model for years, and made no pretense at promoting it as a hyper-luxury model for those who desired something more luxurious than the Calais or DeVille models, and had the financial wherewithal to pay for it. As the top of the line Lincoln, the Town Car provided amenities that were a cut above other cars in the line.

Image: 1972 Lincoln Town Car standard featuresAvailable in 1972 only in the 4-door sedan body style, the Town Car included many standard equipment features that were optional or not available on other models:

  • Power Vent Windows
  • Leather Seating Surfaces with unique sew style or
  • Lamont Cloth upholstery in Beige or Black+
  • Full-width front seat head rests+
  • Long-sheared cut-pile carpeting
  • Flocked nylon or perforated vinyl headlining*
  • Cavalry Twill grain vinyl roof
  • Glove-box vanity mirror
  • Town Car nameplates on front fenders and rear deck
  • Unique keys
  • Owner's initial plaques on front doors
  • Carpeting for luggage compartment and spare tire cover

Note: +Late production
*Headliner Nylon or vinyl depending on interior upholstery

The power vent windows were introduced exclusively for the Town Car, and operated sequentially with the front door glass. Designed to lower before the main glass, the new design eliminated wind noise when closed and drafts when opened. Additionally, individually-controlled rear reading lamps were provided for both outboard passengers in the rear compartment.

All five vinyl roof colors (black, white, dark blue, dark green and dark brown) and the full array of body colors were available on the Town Car. Initially, eleven leather interiors were available, but two Lamont Cloth interiors were offered late in the year, to better compete with Cadillac, which offered a new crushed velour called Medici Beige, which was " elegant touch for our 70th Anniversary..."

The Town Car was a popular choice, and for 1973 a new Town Coupé was introduced. In 1972, the Town Car with cloth trim cost an additional $446.67. With leather, the cost was $635.47. 1972 represents a wide choice of interior colors, as for the 1973 model year, a total of just six interiors would be offered: 3 in cloth and 3 in leather, in just 3 shades. As the seventies progressed, the Town Car would become more popular, eventually becoming synonymous with the Lincoln name.

1972 Lincoln Continental Town Car Interiors

Image: Lincoln Continental Town Car interiorTRIM CODE/COLOR/MATERIAL

FA - Black Leather
FB - Dark Blue Leather
FD - Dark Red Leather
FF - Ginger Leather with Dark Tobacco components
FL - White Leather with Dark Blue components
FR - Dark Green Leather
FZ - Dark Tobacco Leather (shown at left)
FW - White Leather with Black components
FY - Light Gray Gold Leather
F5 - White Leather with Dark Green components
F9 - White Leather with Dark Tobacco components
GA - Black Lamont Cloth
GT - Beige Lamont Cloth (shown in features image above)