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1971 Lincoln Continental
Golden Anniversary Town Car

Built to commemorate Lincoln's 50th Anniversary

1971 Lincoln Continental Town Car features

Golden Anniversary Town Car At A Glance:

Year(s) Available: 1971 only
Production: 1,575
Production Dates: January-July 1971
Paint Code: J9 - Anniversary Gold Moondust Metallic (all 1971 Lincoln colors were available by request, but Anniversary Gold was exclusive only to the Town Car)
Vinyl Roof: All 1971 colors available; color-coordinated to complement interior trim color
Interior Trim: Special leather interior with unique sew style and trim panels available in Black, White, Dark Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Light Gray Gold, Medium Ginger, or Dark Tobacco

Introduced in February 1971, the Lincoln Continental Town Car was built to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Lincoln. This limited edition Golden Anniversary automobile featured many unique touches to signify its historical importance and set it apart from other 1971 Lincoln Continentals.

The Town Car had unique Town Car leather trim with front bench seat in 8 different colors that were dependent on exterior color choice, super cut pile carpet, a glove box vanity mirror, a set of 22 karat gold ignition and trunk keys with the 50th Anniversary Medallion presented in a jewelry box, and a limited edition Commemorative Plaque mounted on the instrument panel in front of the passenger.

Outside, the Town Car utilized the Continental Mark III Cavalry Twill grain for the vinyl roof, which was available in 5 colors (Black, White, Dark Blue, Dark Green, and Dark Brown). The car was also identified by "Town Car" plaques on the front fenders and deck lid. All 25 exterior colors were available on the Golden Anniversary Model, but a Golden Anniversary Moondust Metallic exterior finish (paint code J9; Ford #5086-A, Ditzler code 2389) was reserved only for the Town Car, and 1,040 were finished in that color. The remaining 535 were ordered in other 1971 Lincoln colors. Moondust Metallic Paints were optional at additional cost.

Production of the Golden Anniversary Town Car was initially going to be limited to just 1,500 units, all built in calendar year 1971, with the first one rolling off the assembly line in early January. Initial production was slow, but by March there were no delays. Due to requests from Ford Motor Company employees, (mostly top executives), an additional 75 were built near the end of the production run exclusively for company employee purchases.

A special brochure was prepared to announce the Town Car, and was mailed to potential Lincoln customers in late January and early February 1971. This was truly a once in a lifetime car, and an opportunity to own a piece of history.

1971 Lincoln Continental Town Car

Above: 1971 Lincoln Continental Town Car (Golden Anniversary Limited Edition)