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1967 Lincoln Continental
Optional Equipment

Manual Control Air Conditioner ($471.05)
Automatic Temperature Control System ($523.55)
AM Radio with Power Antenna ($161.27)
AM/FM Signal-Seeking Radio with Power Antenna ($244.54)
Stereo-Sonic Tape System/AM Radio with Power Antenna ($244.54)
Stereo-Sonic System* (separate unit) ($84.70)
Tilt Steering Wheel ($58.74)
Automatic Headlamp Dimmer ($50.05)
Directed Power Differential ($56.30)
Automatic Speed Control ($94.77)
Exhaust and Crankcase Emission Control System ($50.00)
Leather with Vinyl Trim ($124.30)
Six-Way Power Seat ($83.23)
Six-Way Power Seat with Passenger Recliner* ($181.68)
Individually Adjustable Two-Way Front Contour Seats with Console and Passenger Recliner* ($290.58)
Individually Adjustable Six-Way Driver/Two-Way Passenger Front Contour Seats with Console and Passenger Recliner* ($373.86)
Speed-Actuated Power Door Locks* ($44.85 Coupé; $68.50 Sedan and Convertible)
Power Vent Windows ($71.64)
Tinted Glass ($52.53)
Embassy Roof Covering ($131.60 Coupé; $136.85 Sedan)
White Sidewall 4 Ply Rayon Tires ($56.20)
Remote Control Deck Lid Release with Warning Light ($33.19)
Door Edge Guards ($6.90 Coupé; $8.00 Sedan and Convertible)
Front Shoulder Belts* ($32)
Spare Tire Cover (Standard on Convertible) ($10.95)
Vinyl Twin Front and Rear Floor Mats ($12.83)
License Plate Frame ($9.69)

*New option for 1967

Image: 1967 Lincoln Continental luggage

The Royal Family of Continental Luggage was designed to fit the dimensions of the Lincoln Continental luggage compartment. Hand stitched, the custom made luggage was made of Marvelon, a tough but pliable material to which a transparent layer of vinyl was fused for durability. Solid brass hardware. Available in burgundy, black, or palomino. 12 different pieces were offered, sold individually or as a set. Each piece was named for nobility: King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Duchess, Count, Duke, Countess, Squire, Dorette, Marquis, and Marquise. This is a very rare dealer option that is rarely seen today. It was also available on the Ford Thunderbird, as well as for any Ford or Mercury automobile.

1967 Lincoln Continental Options to make your Continental very personally yours.

Image: 1967 Lincoln Continental options

Optional equipment shown above:

Embassy Vinyl Roof—available in Black, Ivory, or Ivy Gold (Ivy Gold shown)
Automatic Speed Control—improved design illuminates green "CRUISE" warning on instrument panel
Automatic Temperature Control System—automatically controls heating and cooling systems to maintain interior temperature no matter what the weather outside may be like
Speed-Actuated Power Door Locks—All doors lock or unlock with control on either front door panel, and should you forget, doors lock automatically at 8 mph and cannot be unlocked until car stops
AM Radio/Stereo-Sonic Tape System—includes four speakers for true stereo sound. New for 1967: a separate Stereo-Sonic System was available with a transmission tunnel mounting, to allow for an AM or AM/FM radio in the instrument panel, plus stereo tape.