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1967 Lincoln Continental Coronation Coupe II

1967 Lincoln Continental
Coronation Coupe II Show Car

A power sunroof reflected the latest automotive trend

For the second year in a row, Lincoln worked with Chicago, Illinois-based Lehmann-Peterson to produce a show car for the auto show circuit. Lincoln had a close relationship with Lehmann-Peterson during this time, as the custom Executive Limousine was was built by this company for Lincoln, and sold through Lincoln dealers nationwide. Quality control was so good, Lincoln's standard warranty applied to the highly modified limousines.

The Coronation Coupe II was very similar to the 1966 Lincoln Continental Coronation Coupe, but was finished in a metallic gold pearlescent paint job that included a matching gold Levant grain vinyl roof. The upper rear corner of the front door glass was softened a bit with a rounded edge, instead of the blunt square angle used previously. A smaller version of the Continental Star was placed on the exterior of the blind quarter rear roof panel. Inside, gold leather front bucket seats were fitted, complete with center console and fold-down armrest between the front seats. A reclining passenger seat with power headrest was included as well. The reclining seat with power headrest was a new option offered on the 1967 Lincoln Continental, and could be ordered with either the Individually Adjustable Front Contour Seats with Console, or with the standard full-width front bench seat. A switch on the outer seat side shield could be activated to raise or lower the top third of the passenger seat back, creating a headrest when in the raised position.

The Walnut veneer panels fitted to the lower body on the 1966 show car were replaced with padded gold vinyl inserts that matched the vinyl roof. The Coronation Coupe II was also customized with a power sunroof, a factory option that would be offered on the 1967 Mercury Cougar, but would not be available through the factory on a Lincoln until 1969, and then only by special order on the Continental Mark III. Power sunroofs were a popular feature on show cars of this era, as evidenced by the 1969 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado Show Car, built to preview the new power sunroof option introduced late in the 1969 model year on the Eldorado.

The Coronation Coupe II received an updated grille and tail lamps along with a new interior to reflect the new 1967 Lincoln styling. It made its debut at the Chicago Auto Show on February 25, 1967. The car was completely road worthy, and is believed to still exist.