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Interior Trim
1967 Imperial
Automotive Mileposts
Imperial Crown Four-Door Hardtop optional Blue Leather interior trim
Imperial Crown Four Door Hardtop seats shown above in Blue Leather (code M3B)
It's a sectional sofa, twin armchairs, or passenger recliner. Most restful...
Imperial Crown


M3A Silver Leather/Black appointments
M3B Blue Leather
M3E Antique Gold and Black Leather
M3G Green Leather
M3Q Turquoise Leather
M3R Red Leather
M3W White Leather/Black appointments
M3X Black Leather
M3Y Gold Leather
M7B Blue Jacquard Cloth and Leather
M7G Green Jacquard Cloth and Leather
M7N Black Jacquard Cloth and White Leather
M8D Dark Blue Bedford Cloth and Leather (bucket seats)
M8G Green Bedford Cloth and Leather (bucket seats)
M8N Black Bedford Cloth and White Leather (bucket seats)
M8Q Turquoise Bedford Cloth and Leather (bucket seats)
M8R Red Bedford Cloth and Leather(bucket seats)
M8T Tan Bedford Cloth and Leather/Chestnut appointments (bucket seats)
M9B Blue Leather (bucket seats)
M9D Dark Blue Leather (bucket seats)
M9E Antique Gold and Black Leather (bucket seats)
M9G Green Leather (bucket seats)
M9Q Turquoise Leather (bucket seats)
M9R Red Leather (bucket seats)
M9W White Leather/Black appointments (bucket seats)
M9X Black Leather (bucket seats)
M9Y Gold Leather (bucket seats)



Cloth is Matelasse Weave unless noted

HOA Grey Broadcloth and Leather/Black
H8D Blue Cloth and Leather
H8Q Turquoise Cloth and Leather
H8T Tan Cloth and Leather/Chestnut
H8X Black Cloth and Leather
H9A Silver Leather/Black appointments (shown
     at right)

H9B Blue Leather
H9D Dark Blue Leather
H9E Antique Gold and Black Leather
H9G Green Leather
H9R Red Leather
H9W White Leather/Black appointments
H9X Black Leather
H9Y Gold Leather
Imperial LeBaron Silver Leather interior trim
Imperial LeBaron rear seat; shown above in Silver Leather with Black appointments (code H9A)

Imperial Sedan


M1D Blue Cloth and Vinyl
M1G Green Cloth and Vinyl
M1N Black Cloth and White Vinyl with Black
M1Q Turquoise Cloth and Vinyl
M1R Red Cloth and Vinyl (shown at right)
M1T Tan Cloth and Vinyl with Chestnut
Imperial Sedan Red Cloth and Vinyl interior trim
Imperial Sedan front seat; shown above in Red Cloth and Vinyl (code M1R)

Imperial Crown Coupe Black Vinyl Canopy Roof
Imperial Crown Coupe with Black Vinyl Canopy Roof
(Standard on Crown Coupe only)


306 Black Seville-Grain Full Wrap
307 White Seville-Grain Full Wrap*
308 Chestnut Seville-Grain Full Wrap**
306 Black Seville-Grain Canopy Roof (Crown Coupe only)
307 White Seville-Grain Canopy Roof (Crown Coupe only)*
308 Chestnut Seville-Grain Canopy Roof (Crown Coupe only)**

     *White recommended for hot and sunny climates, due
     to its greater reflectivity.

     **Chestnut available only with Sepia Metallic, Imperial
     Fawn Metallic, Imperial Navaho Beige, Ivory, or Persian
     White exterior colors.



301 Formal Black Seville-Grain Vinyl
     (Available with all exterior colors)
302 Persian White Seville-Grain Vinyl
     (Available with all exterior colors)
303 Dark Blue Seville-Grain Vinyl
     (Available with blue or white interior trim)