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1975 Chrysler Imperial
Interior Trim

1975 Imperial Trim Codes:

1975 Imperial interior trim codes consist of 4-digits. These numbers decode as follows:

1st digit—Class
P = Premium

2nd digit—Seat type and material
D = Cloth and Leather 50/50
L = Leather 50/50

3rd and 4th digits—Interior color
L3 = Parchment
B6 = Blue
BW = White/Dark Blue*
GW = White/Dark Green*
E7 - Dark Red
EW = White/Dark Red*
G6 = Green
Y3 = Gold
YW = White/Gold*
X9 = Black
T7 = Chestnut
XW = White/Black*

*Note: carpeting, instrument panel, steering column and wheel, and shelf panel are the color after the slash mark.

The 1975 Imperial interior was a supreme achievement in exquisite elegance. It was Imperial's ultimate farewell gift.

Image: 1975 Imperial optional leather interior

Above: 1975 Imperial LeBaron Four Door Hardtop shown with optional Dark Red Leather and Vinyl interior (trim code PLE7). The 50/50 divided front seats are individually adjustable, and the Four Door Hardtop includes a passenger side recliner at no additional charge. To fully appreciate this interior, click the image above to view a 1500 x 706 version in new window or tab.

Image: 1975 Imperial standard Brushed Velour interior1975 Imperial Standard Interior
Brushed Velour Cloth Inserts with Leather Trim

PDL3 - Light Parchment Velour and Leather
PDB6 - Medium Blue Velour and Leather
PDG6 - Medium Green Velour and Leather
PDY3 - Medium Gold Velour and Leather (shown at left; click for larger view)
PDX9 - Black Velour and Leather
PDT7 - Chestnut Velour and Leather
PDE7 - Dark Red Velour and Leather

1975 Imperial Optional Interior
Genuine Leather Seating Surfaces with Vinyl Trim

PLL3 - Parchment Leather and Vinyl
PLB6 - Dark Blue Leather and Vinyl
PLG6 - Dark Green Leather and Vinyl
PLY3 - Gold Leather and Vinyl
PLX9 - Black Leather and Vinyl
PLBW - White Leather and Vinyl with Dark Blue
PLGW - White Leather and Vinyl with Dark Green
PLXW - White Leather and Vinyl with Black
PLYW - White Leather and Vinyl with Gold
PLEW - White Leather and Vinyl with Dark Red
PLT7 - Chestnut Leather and Vinyl
PLE7 - Dark Red Leather and Vinyl (shown above)

For 1975, Imperial interiors were almost identical to those offered the previous year, with the addition of a Dark Red color and expanded accent colors for the optional White Leather interiors. Standard upholstery was a luxurious Brushed Velour Cloth and Leather 50/50 divided front seat with individual adjustments and armrests. The deep, pillowed upholstery style gave the interior a very elegant look and invited long drives. On Four Door models, the passenger side includes a recliner, and on Two Door models there is an automatic seat-back release. A folding rear center armrest is provided for rear passengers, and soft built-in foam pillows in the sail panels included rear reading lamps. Four Door models also provided lavaliere straps to make entering and exiting the car easier.

The Imperial instrument panel and side paneling is accented with simulated Brazilian rosewood, and color matched loop-pile carpeting covers the floor and lower door panels inside as well as the luggage compartment and spare tire.

The 1975 Imperial interior was comparable to any interior in any luxury car when it came to appearance, comfort, and luxury. And in many cases, the Imperial interior had to make owners of other luxury cars question their interiors.



V1B - Blue
V1E - Dark Red
V1G - Green
V1Y - Gold
V1L - Parchment
V1W - White
V1X - Black
V1T - Chestnut

Image: 1975 Imperial vinyl roof colors

V3A - Silver (Silver available only on Crown Coupe) | V3B - Blue | V3E - Dark Red | V3G - Green | V3Y - Gold
V3L - Parchment | V3W - White | V3X - Black | V3T - Chestnut