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Automotive Mileposts  
Optional Equipment
Fleetwood Eldorado by Cadillac
Cruise Control ($95)
Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel ($89.50)
Automatic Climate Control ($516)
Six-Way Power Seat ($83)
Twilight Sentinel ($37)
Power Door Locks ($47)
Padded Vinyl Roof ($132)
AM Radio (Includes Front and Rear Speakers and Power Antenna) ($162)
AM-FM Radio (Includes Front and Rear Speakers and
  Power Antenna) ($188)
AM-FM Stereo Radio (Includes Dual Front and Rear
  Speakers with Power Antenna) ($288)
Remote Control Trunk Lock (Includes Warning Light on
  Instrument Panel and Latching Feature) ($52)
Guide-Matic Power Headlamp Dimmer ($51)
Rear Window Defogger ($27)
Soft Ray Tinted Glass ($51)
Reclining Front Passenger Seat (Includes Head
  Restraints) ($84)
Door Edge Guards ($5)
White Sidewall Tires ($56)
Auxiliary Horn ($16)
Rear Shoulder Belts ($32)
Floor Mats ($20)
Bucket Seats with Console (Leather Upholstery
  Required) ($184)
Firemist Finish ($132)
Head Restraints ($53)
Leather Upholstery ($158)
License Frame ($6)
Four-Way Left-Hand Power Bucket Seat ($53)
Rear Center Seat Belt ($11)
Front Seat Warmer ($94.75)
Cruise Control
Cruise Control was becoming a more popular option, as luxury car buyers wanted more convenience features on their new cars.
Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel
Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel adjusts in four directions and is spring-assisted to move up for easier entry and exit.
1968 Cadillac Eldorado Automatic Climate Control
Automatic Climate Control was ordered on 96 percent of all Cadillac models for 1968. Theoretically, you set the temperature you prefer once and never touch it again.
Guide-Matic and Twilight Sentinel
Guide-Matic and Twilight Sentinel were available separately, allows controls to be set once, and Eldorado's headlamps would do the work for you from then on. No more forgetting to turn your lights off!
Head Restraints
Head Restraints were available as an option for the front seat, and were included if the Reclining Passenger Seat option was ordered. The head restraints would become a mandatory standard equipment item for all 1969 model cars made after January 1, 1969.
AM-FM Stereo Radio
AM-FM Stereo Radio plays through four speakers, power antenna is provided with any radio installation. An amber "STEREO" light in the center of the dial indicates when stations broadcasting stereo FM are being received.