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1979 Cadillac
Seville Elegante

Very few changes were made for 1979

Image: 1979 Cadillac Seville Elegante

1979 Cadillac Seville Elegante At A Glance:

Image: 1978 Cadillac Seville Elegante interiorYears Available: 1978-1979 (for this body style; Elegante was also available on the 1980-1987 Sevilles, after which it was dropped as an option)

Paint (1979): 90 - Slate Firemist and 19 - Sable Black

Accent Paint Stripe: K - Black or F - Red

Interior: 133 - Slate Gray (shown at left)

Price: $2,735 Elegante option
$3,663 Elegante option with Sunroof
$3,873 Elegante option with Astroroof

Production: Unknown

1979 would be the last year for the first generation Seville, so changes for the year were very minor. This is even more true for the Seville Elegante, which was almost identical to the model sold the previous year. Only one color scheme would be offered for 1979, a gray/black combination. The Platinum Metallic color on the sides of the car for 1978 was replaced with a new 1979 color, Slate Gray Firemist. The accent paint stripes could now be ordered in either black or red.

The Elegante interior for '79 was a carbon copy of 1978, but was now called Slate Gray as well. A new, super luxurious Tangier carpeting was fitted, which simulated fine fur. All of the Cadillac options offered for 1979 were also available for the Elegante, with the exception of opera lights. The Elegante also received Seville's retuned ride characteristics, as well as new body mounts.