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1978-1979 Cadillac
Seville Elegante

An exclusive new Seville trim option makes its debut in 1978

1978-1979 Cadillac Seville Elegante At A Glance:

Image: 1978 Cadillac Seville EleganteYears Available: 1978-1979 (for this body style, Elegante was also available on the 1980-1987 Sevilles, after which it was dropped as an option)

Paint (1978): 15 - Platinum Metallic and 19 - Sable Black or
96 - Western Saddle Firemist and 69 - Ruidoso Brown Metallic
Paint (1979): 90 - Slate Firemist and 19 - Sable Black

Accent Paint Stripe: K - Black and F - Red (1979 only) or
X - Dark Brown

Interior (1978): 163 - Antique Gray or 604 - Antique Medium Saddle
Interior (1979): 133 - Slate Gray

Price: $2,600 Elegante option
$3,506 Elegante option with Sunroof
$3,706 Elegante option with Astroroof

Production: 5,000 (1978); unknown (1979)

Image: 1978 Cadillac Seville Elegante detailIntroduced in 1978, the Seville Elegante offered Cadillac customers qualities and refinements one might expect on a custom-crafted automobile. The duo-tone exterior finish was offered in just two color combinations, a subtle dignity exclusive to the Elegante. A full-length brushed chrome upper body molding accentuated the Seville's classic lines, and featured an etched black grooving for added distinction. Chrome Elegante script was placed on the roof sail panels, just behind a Cadillac wreath and crest emblem. Authentic chrome-plated Wire Wheels (not wheel covers) with long-laced spokes were supplied by Dunlop, a British firm, and set the Elegante apart from others. A Cadillac crest appeared on the hubs, set against a black background. The Wire Wheels were also available optionally on other Cadillac models, except for the Limousines. A unique rear window molding provided additional detailing.

Image: 1978 Cadillac Seville Elegante interiorInside the Elegante, a Seville interior like no other. Sierra Grain Leather in Antique Gray or Antique Medium Saddle appeared on the seat bolsters, and breathable, perforated leather inserts were used in the pleated center cushion and seat back areas. A border of soft, suede-like trim surrounded the pleated areas. The front seats were 40/40 Dual Comfort seats, and provided storage pockets on the seat backs for the convenience of rear seat passengers.

A functional console separated the front seats, and included a rear floor courtesy light, and a light in the storage compartment, which had provisions for writing tablet and pen, a mobile telephone installation, and storage of 8-track tapes and other personal items. Driver and front passenger share a center, fold-down armrest for comfort.

Additional interior distinctions included perforated trim on the door panels, and the steering wheel rim was covered with color-coordinated leather to match the darker shade of gray used on the steering wheel hub, column, and instrument panel.

The interiors were color coordinated to the exterior duo-tone paint in 1978, and the Western Saddle Firemist/Ruidoso Brown/Antique Medium Saddle color combination was not provided in 1979, leaving just the Slate Gray/Sable Black/Slate Gray colors. The Slate Firemist used in 1979 was a somewhat darker shade of gray than the Platinum used in 1978.

For 1979, Cadillac introduced a plush Tangier carpeting in the Elegante. Tangier had the look and feel of fine fur, and was an incredibly luxurious floor covering. The all-new smaller Eldorado introduced in 1979 also used Tangier carpeting in its top of the line Biarritz option.

The Elegante option would continue to be offered on the Seville through 1987, and would be available in a wider assortment of color combinations during this time as well. A Seville Touring Sedan (STS) option (YP6) was introduced for 1989, and cost $5,754. Available in White Diamond, Sable Black, Black Sapphire, or Carmine Red exterior, the interior seats were upholstered in hand-stitched Beechwood colored Ultrasoft Leather. The STS featured amber-colored rear turn indicators, blackwall Goodyear Eagle GT+4 tires mounted on 15-inch cast aluminum alloy wheels, and touring suspension provided a very firm ride with incredible control and stability. Inside, high gloss elm burl wood appliqués and rear bucket seats with integral headrests guaranteed no one confused this for something else. A very sporty option for Cadillac's typical customers!

Image: 1978 Cadillac Seville Elegante