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Classic car rust repair that was tested to be the best!

Auto Restorer Magazine, in its November 2003 issue, tested the two most popular rust repair paints. Rust Encapsulator was compared against the other brand, and their tests found Rust Encapsulator to be the preferred rust repair paint in areas of preventing rust creep, application of product, quality of top coating, and lower cost. People who restore cars for a living know what they're talking about—they have to stand behind their work, so they know what to use!

Fix Rust!

Few things are as damaging to your classic car as rust. It is the automotive equivalent of cancer. Now you can stop rust in its tracks with Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator Kit. Rust Encapsulator is proven to chemically react with rust to form a hard, durable coating—halting the further spread of rust! Follow these simple steps to halt further corrosion and spread of rust with Rust Encapsulator:Image: Black Rust Encapsulator Kit

  1. Remove any loose rust with a wire brush. Rust Encapsulator is designed to be applied directly to rust, but works best if there isn't any flaking off.
  2. Make sure your surface is grease and oil free.
  3. Paint or spray Rust Encapsulator to the prepped area. Rust Encapsulator can be thinned 20% with lacquer thinner to spray, and also comes in convenient aerosol cans.
  4. Allow to dry for 6-8 hours. (You can apply 2 coats—wait 2-3 hours between coats.)
  5. Topcoat is not required, but can be applied after 6-8 hours, if desired.

Paint-on Rust Encapsulator comes in pint, quart, and gallon sizes. One quart will double-coat up to 50 feet, while the gallon covers a whopping 200 feet with a double-coat. Rust Encapsulator Aerosol 16 Ounce cans are also available for hard-to-reach areas. Rust Encapsulator looks great even without a topcoat. Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator is the best on the market—proven to be superior in sunlight resistance, preventing rust creep, and overall durability.

Get a Rust Encapsulator Kit and get rid of the rust on your classic car!

A Word from Automotive Mileposts: Here's Our Experience with Rust Encapsulator

At Automotive Mileposts Restoration, we were recently faced with the challenge of rust repair in a vintage American Sunroof factory power sunroof installation. The rust was so bad in places that the metal drainage tray had holes in it! Flakes of rust were falling down above the headliner, and other areas of the car interior were becoming susceptible to rust due to exposure to water from the leaky sunroof tray! The drainage tray is welded to the roof of the car, which was weakened during installation of the sunroof panel by removal of several roof supports, and by cutting the hole for the opening. Removal of the tray in this case was not an option, since it could possibly cause more damage to the car. We were able to roll out Rust Encapsulator using a small disposable paint roller into the area between the car roof and sunroof tray, coating all surfaces. We used the disposable paint roller and pan for the job to avoid clean up afterwards. The coverage was good, and it dried to a beautiful semi-flat black primer. After patching the holes and covering the patches with Rust Encapsulator, you'd almost never guess that there were ever any problems with the sunroof tray, and we've been very pleased with the results so far. Rust Encapsulator is a great rust repair for areas not easily accessible, and can also be used as an interim step to stop rust creep in more accessible areas until it can be cut out and repaired. Everyone with an old car or truck should have Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator on hand for rust repairs—it is the rust repair solution!


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