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Automotive Mileposts is dedicated to serving the collector car hobby by documenting and sharing information on the restoration, appreciation, and enjoyment of classic luxury cars from the fifties, sixties, and seventies.

Automotive Mileposts

is the only site on the Internet that focuses on ALL luxury cars made during the most dynamic era in automotive history. Unlike many other automotive sites, we don't concentrate on just one make or model, we tell the entire story of the vintage luxury car, including the differences that made each model unique, and how each car influenced the others. You can't really have an appreciation for one model unless you know about all of the other cars in its class. Automotive Mileposts—alone—addresses the unique features that made these cars the finest automobiles built by American manufacturers. We want to be your favorite source on the Internet for
All You Ever Wanted to Know About Classic Luxury Cars!

Automotive Mileposts

A milepost marks a specific place; it can be any one of a series of markers along a highway to designate distance by miles; or it may be an individual post that designates distance to or from a particular place. A milepost is a familiar site along the many roads we travel, yet it is special in that each one serves a unique purpose, each marks a specific point, no two of which are exactly alike. An automotive milepost is a car that is special; it meets the unique requirements of motorists seeking something more than just transportation. While they may be a familiar site on the highway, each one is an original that meets the unique needs of its discerning owner.

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At Automotive Mileposts, we are researching, verifying, rechecking, and adding new information to the site every day. If we don't have what you're looking for this visit, chances are very good that it is being researched or created, and will be added soon.

We love old cars, and want Automotive Mileposts to be the best classic car site on the Internet! We appreciate the time you spend on our site, and hope you enjoy yourself while you're here, and maybe even learn something new as well. Please visit often!

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The illustrations shown in this site are, in many cases, from original factory sales brochures, dealer albums, press kits, postcards, magazine advertisements, etc. Due to the special effects these illustrations received from the ad agency when they were created, the effects of time, and the paper they were printed on, some images may appear blurry or grainy.

Photos also lose some definition when viewed over the Internet. Automotive Mileposts feels it is important to show these automobiles in their original form, and using original photos is one of the best ways to achieve that goal.

We will continue to upgrade photos in the future, and we apologize for any details that may be lost in some of the current offerings.