Automotive Mileposts
Policies and Terms of Use
Published June 26, 2003
Last Modified October 3, 2006

Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of our terms and of our Privacy Statement. Automotive Mileposts makes no guarantee as to the availability of the site. Automotive Mileposts reserves the right to amend or change these Policies and Terms of Use, as well as our Privacy Statement, at any time and without prior notice.

Site Access Denials and Banned Browsers Automotive Mileposts reserves the right to refuse access to our site to visitors using certain browsers, or to users with certain software on their computer. This policy is not intended to deprive the user of access to the site, but to prevent third parties from altering, changing, and/or replacing what visitors see when viewing our site.

There are browsers available for free download that display advertising based on the content of the current page loaded on the screen. This advertising may conflict with other ads appearing on the site itself. We feel this is unfair use of our content by a third party, and may prohibit users with these browsers from accessing our site.

There are also software programs that will pop-up advertising on our site without our permission, and in express violation of our policies (see Pop-Up and Pop-Under Advertising Policy, below). Some of these ads may appear as highlighted text, or a slider, or by other means. These software programs may also have the ability to overwrite cookies used to properly credit any purchases visitors to our site might make. We feel this is a violation of our contracts with our advertisers and merchant partners.

These browsers and software programs also present a very real privacy concern for people using them, as the user's activities on the Internet are being monitored by a third party. They know when you sign on and off, which sites you visit, how long you are on each page, whether or not you purchase something, etc. What is done with this information is not always clear, but it is certainly an invasion of privacy. Please see Is Your Computer SPYING On You? Welcome to the WWW! for additional information.
Hotlinking of Images Automotive Mileposts does not allow hotlinking of images. Hotlinking is when an image is linked directly to our server, but appears on another domain. This type of linking shows up in our server logs, and identifies the exact URL where the image is being served.

This type of linking is generally prohibited by most hosts, eBay listings, and forum administrators unless specific permission has been given to do so, prior to publication or the start of the auction, with the only exception being a remote server under the control of the person listing the auction.

It is important to remember that once an image on our site has been linked to an eBay auction or any other site, we have control over that image for the duration of the auction or until the other site removes the hotlink. This means the image can be changed at will by Automotive Mileposts, and in the case of an eBay auction, the auction would have to be cancelled in order to make corrections.

In some cases,we may notify eBay directly of the hotlinking, at which point eBay may cancel the auction as well as suspend the seller's membership. At Automotive Mileposts sole discretion, the image(s) involved might be changed to an image that states, "DON'T BID ON THIS ITEM! This seller is using an image without permission. Knowing this, can you really trust them enough to buy something from them?"

Additional information: Why You Can't View Images
Outbound Links Automotive Mileposts provides links from our site to other Web sites; these are provided solely as a convenience to our visitors. While we believe these links will be of interest to our site visitors, we do not endorse these Web sites, nor their policies. Whether the site is a commercial and/or merchant site or a personal site, each has its own policies and terms. We encourage and recommend to our visitors that you review the policies and terms of these sites to ensure they meet your specific personal standards and requirements.

While Automotive Mileposts does check outbound links to ensure they deliver our site visitors to the proper destination page, it is possible that the destination page may change or the URL be transferred, become unregistered, or forwarded to another destination without our knowledge. Should you discover an outbound link that doesn't appear to work properly, please let us know by E-Mailing our Customer Service department, or calling 918 812-1774.
Inbound Links Automotive Mileposts expressly prohibits linking to us in a manner that uses any form of a 302 redirect. We view this type of linking (known as "Pagejacking") as unfair use of our domain name, content, and URL. The page our link appears on must be clearly identified as a page on your site, with an accurate descriptive title and meta tags. You must not frame Automotive Mileposts within the contents of your site, nor embed any contents of Automotive Mileposts in any manner. Copying of our page titles and meta tags by other sites is forbidden. For approved linking methods, please see our Link To Us page.
Pop-Up and Pop-Under Advertising Policy Automotive Mileposts does not utilize, nor do we approve of, pop-up or pop-under advertising processes. If you see this type of advertisement appearing on Automotive Mileposts, it is being served by a software application on the user's own computer, or possibly by another Web site previously visited. This is in violation of our Unauthorized Advertising Policy, below, and is subject to fees outlined in that policy.
Unauthorized advertising appearing on the site via pop-up or pop-under, highlighted text, slider bar, image overlay, textural overlay, or in any other form including user-side downloadable software applications, will be billed at the rate of $10,000 per occurrence. The advertisers who allow their unauthorized ads to be displayed on the Automotive Mileposts site shall be held responsible for each unauthorized impression. By allowing their ads to appear on, and/or its Forums, advertisers indicate their acceptance of this Unauthorized Advertising Policy.

If this type of advertisement appears while on, it is not approved nor is it authorized by us. Please follow the instructions below to notify us of the advertisement.
E-Mail/E-Mail Harvesting
Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE), also known as "Spam," is not welcomed, nor is it ever requested, by Automotive We NEVER sign up for mailing lists of any type, unless said request is accompanied by a message from our Customer Service department verifying our intent to be added to such a list. UCE is responsible for a considerable amount of wasted processing time, by our employees as well as our network and equipment. Therefore, Automotive Mileposts reserves the right to bill the sender(s) of such messages at the rate of $1,000 for each UCE we receive, regardless of which Automotive Mileposts E-Mail account it was sent to, and regardless of whether or not the message is duplicated between multiple E-mail accounts. This is payable on receipt of demand from Automotive Mileposts. By sending UCE to us, you agree to and accept these terms.

Automotive Mileposts prohibits harvesting of E-Mail addresses located on this site for any reason. Any bots that appear to be unfriendly will be banned from Automotive Mileposts, and an administration fee of $500 to make these changes may be charged to the entity who sent out the bot. By allowing a bot to spider this site, the entity responsible for its dispatch agrees to pay this fee.
! > If you are a visitor to this Web site, and are presented with an advertisement that you believe may be in violation of any of these terms, please take a screen shot of the advertisement, which includes your browser's address bar, and send it to us at Please note the date and time of the incident. We appreciate your assistance in helping us protect our rights, which in turn protects your privacy on the Internet as well.