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1966 Oldsmobile Toronado
Exterior Paint Colors

Image: 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado shown in Burgundy Mist (code N) paint


A Ebony Black (9300)
B Nocturne Mist (32448)
C Provincal White (8259)
D Lucerne Mist (13042)
E Royal Mist (13002)
G Trumpet Gold (22661)
H Laurel Mist (43391)
J Forest Mist (43390)
K Ocean Mist (43364)
L Tropic Turquoise (43496)
M Autumn Bronze (71525)
N Burgundy Mist (50700)
R Target Red (71472)
S Champagne Mist (22662)
T Sierra Mist (22660)
U Dubonnet (50722)
V Almond Beige (22270)
W Silver Mist (32525)
X Porcelain White (8631)
Z Frost Green (43525)

The 1966 Toronado was available in single shades, and a factory two tone paint option was not offered. Examples do exist, however, of cars that appear to be original, and are equipped with either a two tone color scheme or a vinyl roof.

According to the documentation available to us at this time, there is no indication that these cars left the factory in this manner. It is possible that some late production 1966 Toronados may have been equipped with the new-for-1967 vinyl roof and the necessary moldings, but without knowing serial numbers it would be difficult if not impossible to know for certain if this is the case. Most likely, original owners had their cars modified by their dealer to suit their needs, or the dealer added the vinyl roof to '66 cars in stock to sell them after the new '67 models were delivered.

Note: Cars ordered with special order paint may have the "PNT" field on its Body Data Plate either blank, or filled in with asterisks (**) to designate a non-standard paint color.

Image: 1966 Toronado paint chips and codes

Colors above are representations only; due to variances in computer monitor settings, it's impossible to accurately replicate colors online. Please use as a reference only, and consult a professional automotive paint supplier for accurate color matches.