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Optional Equipment
1971 Thunderbird script

SelectAire Conditioner ($443 Early, $448 Late Production)
SelectAire Conditioner with Automatic Temperature Control ($519)
Special Brougham Option (Two-Door Models only) ($304)
- High Back Bucket Seats
- Hopsack and Vinyl trim
- Matching door panel and quarter panel trim
- Center console
- Rear center pull-down armrest
- Rim-Blow Deluxe Three-Spoke Steering Wheel
- Plush cut-pile carpeting
- Door pull handles and courtesy lights
- Color-keyed stone shield and grille finish panels
- Auxiliary grille lamps
- Full-length bodyside moldings with color-keyed vinyl inserts
- Wheel lip moldings
- Bias-belted, dual-band white sidewall tires
- Color-keyed wheel covers

Power-Operated Sunroof (Requires Vinyl Roof on Hardtop
     model) ($518)
Brougham Interior (Available All Models)
- Low Back Bench Seat (Two Door Models) with Cloth and Vinyl ($162)
- High Back Split Bench Seat (Four Door Models, priced separately) with Cloth and
  Vinyl ($162)
- Leather and Vinyl Bucket Seats (Two Door Models, priced separately) ($227)
- Leather and Vinyl Split Bench Seat (Four Door Models, priced separately) ($227)

Bucket Seats with Center Console (Two Door Models only) ($78)
     (Standard with SPECIAL Brougham option only)
High Back Split Bench Seat (Four Door Models only) ($78)
Vinyl Roof (Hardtop Model only) ($141) New option for '71
Exterior Appearance Group (Standard with Special Brougham
     Option) ($61 Early, $78 Late Production)
Michelin Single Band White Sidewall Steel-Belted Radial-Ply
     Tires (Standard with Turnpike Convenience Group) ($123)
Dual Band White Sidewall Belted Bias-Ply Tires (Standard with
     Special Brougham Option) ($30)
Turnpike Convenience Group ($196 Early, $227 Late Production)
- Automatic Fingertip Speed Control
- Michelin Single Band White Sidewall Steel-Belted Radial-Ply Tires
- Manual Reclining Passenger Seat

Tilt Steering Wheel ($52)
Power Windows ($127 Early, $133 Late Production)
Power 6-Way Driver's or Bench Seat ($104)
Power 6-Way Seats—Both Sides Bucket or Split Bench ($207)
Manual Reclining Passenger Seat (Standard with Turnpike
     Convenience Group) ($41)
Sure-Track Brake Control System ($194)
AM/FM Stereo Radio ($150.00)
StereoSonic Tape/AM Radio System ($150.00)
Dual Rear Speakers (Standard with AM/FM or Tape System)
Rear Window Defogger ($26 Early, $31 Late Production)
Electric Defrost Rear Window ($84.25)
Deluxe Color-Keyed Seat Belts ($17)
Convenience Check Group ($101.00)
Tinted Glass ($50 Early, $52 Late Production)
Power Trunk Lid Release ($14.00)
Power Antenna ($31)
Bodyside Molding with Vinyl Insert (Standard with Special
     Brougham Option and Exterior Appearance Group) ($34)
Front and Rear Bumper Guards with Rubber Inserts ($19.70)
Glamour Paint ($130)
Protection Group (Two Door, $26.00; Four Door, $29.71)
- Color-Keyed Floor Mats
- Door edge guards
- License plate frames

Deluxe Wheel Covers (Not available with Special Brougham
     Option or Exterior Appearance Group) ($52)
High Axle Ratio (Researching Price)
Traction-Lok Differential ($49)
Heavy-Duty Suspension ($28)
Trailer Towing Package ($50)
Automatic Fingertip Speed Control (Standard with Turnpike
     Convenience Group) ($97)

SelectAire Conditioner with Automatic Temperature Control/Electric Defrost
SelectAire Conditioner with Automatic Temperature Control and Electric Defrost Controls. (Note Electric Defrost "on" light located to the left of, and recessed behind the lower control.)
Special Brougham Option interior trim with coved rear seats
Special Brougham Option includes Hopsack and Vinyl upholstery, Front Bucket Seats and center console. Rear seat shown above in Ivy. Fold-down center armrest is part of this option. Coved rear seats, first introduced in 1964, are still standard in every two door model.
Power-Operated Sunroof
Power-Operated Sunroof allows you to see the moon and the stars at the touch of a button. Touch button again to seal tightly against cold and rain. Although featured heavily in 1971 sales literature, this was still a very rare option.
Turnpike Convenience Group
Turnpike Convenience Group included everything to make long trips more comfortable. Automatic Fingertip Speed Control, with controls mounted on the steering wheel spokes, turns system on or off, sets speed, or allows system to coast to a lower speed. A touch of the brake, and the system is off. Michelin Single-Band White Sidewall Steel-Belted Radial-Ply Tires, and Manual Reclining Passenger Seat are the other items included in this group.
Driver's Control ConsoleDriver's Control Console, shown left, makes life easier by keeping frequently used controls close. From top to bottom, left to right:

- Remote Control Mirror Knob
- Front Seat Cushion Tilt
- Rear Seat Cushion Tilt
- Power Seat Adjuster (up, down, forward,
  or backward)
- Left Front Power Window
- Right Front Power Window
- Left Rear Power Window
- Right Rear Power Window
- Power Window Lock
- Vacuum Door Lock Control
Electric Defrost
Electric Defrost rear window makes removal of ice and/or snow a breeze. Flick a switch on the instrument panel, and grids in the glass do the work for you! Despite being available since 1969, this item was still not a common option in 1971.

A Rear Window Defogger was also available, which utilized a two speed fan to blow air on the inside of the window to reduce fogging and remove moisture. It also helped melt ice, and improved air circulation to the rear seat.
Tilt Steering WheelTilt Steering Wheel, left, allows driver to adjust the tilt of the wheel to his or her preference. Very nice on long trips and when entering or exiting the car. Turn signal lever is pushed forward toward instrument panel to release lock, and is spring loaded to return to locked position when released. There are a total of 9 different tilt positions.

Manual Reclining Passenger Seat, below left, is available to make long trips more restful.

Manual Reclining Passenger Seat
AM/FM Stereo RadioAM/FM Stereo Radio: Made by Bendix for Ford featured five AM and five FM station preset buttons. The dial flipped to indicate AM or FM band. Front-to-rear and side-to-side balance controls allowed the sound to be tailored perfectly. Four speakers were provided, one speaker in each front door armrest, and in each corner of package tray behind rear seat. This unit received rave reviews from automotive critics of the time for its high fidelity sound, reception, and overall quality.