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Automotive Mileposts  
Optional Equipment
1970 Thunderbird script
Power-Operated Sunroof (Landaus only) ($453.30)
AM/FM Stereo Radio ($150.29)
StereoSonic Tape/AM Radio System ($150.29)
SelectAire Conditioner ($427.07)
SelectAire Conditioner with Automatic Climate Control ($499.22)
Reclining Passenger Seat ($41.49)
Tilt Steering Wheel ($52)
Convenience Check Group (Includes Vacuum Door Locks and
    Automatic Seatback Release on Two-Door Models) ($101.10)
    Seatback Release New for '70
High-Level Tail Lamps* (4-Door Model only) ($33.70)
Rear Window Defogger ($26)
Electric Defrost ($84.25)
Brougham Interior Trim (Two-Door with Cloth and Vinyl Bench
     Seat or Four-Door with Split Bench Seats) ($162)
Brougham Interior Trim (Two-Door with Leather and Vinyl High-
     Back Bucket Seats or Four-Door with
     Split-Bench Seats) ($227)
Tinted Glass ($47.49)
Power Trunk Lid Release ($13.63)
Fingertip Speed Control ($97.21)
Deluxe Wheel Covers ($52)
Simulated "Mag" Wheel Covers ($36) New Option for '70
White Sidewall Radial-Ply Tires (Standard with Special
     Brougham Option) ($30)
High Axle Ratio (Researching Price)
Traction-Lok Differential ($46.69)
Heavy-Duty Suspension ($27.99)
Sure-Track Brake Control System ($194.31)
Interval Windshield Wipers ($25.90) New Option for '70
Color-Keyed Vinyl Insert Bodyside Molding (Standard with
     Brougham or Special Brougham Options) ($25.90) New
     Option for '70

Glamour Paint ($130) New Option for '70
Power Side Windows ($110)
Six-Way Power Seat (Bench, Driver's Side Bucket or
     Split-Bench) ($98.89)
Six-Way Power Seats (Both Sides, Bucket or
     Split-Bench) ($197.78)
Protection Group (Color-Keyed Floor Mats, License Plate Frame,
     and Door Edge Guards) (Two-Door $25.90, Four-Door $29.80)
Dual Rear Seat Speakers (Standard with AM/FM Stereo Radio
     or StereoSonic/AM Radio Systems) ($33.07)
High-Back Bucket Seats and Console (Two-Door Models
     Only) ($78)
Split-Bench Seat (Four-Door Only) ($78)
Special Brougham Option: [link opens in new window]
- High-Back Bucket Seats with Hopsack and Vinyl
- Center Console
- Deluxe Three-Spoke Rim-Blow Steering Wheel
- Cut-Pile Carpeting
- Rear Center Armrest
- Door Pull Handles
- Door Courtesy Lights
- Auxiliary Grille Lamps
- Color-Keyed Front Stone Shield and Deflector
- White Sidewall Radial-Ply Tires
- Color-Keyed Wheel Covers
- Bodyside Molding with Color-Keyed Vinyl Inserts
- Wheel Lip Moldings (Two-Door Models Only) ($304) New
     Option for '70

Trailer Towing Package ($50)
Bodyside Accent Stripe ($13.90)
Emissions Control System (Mandatory in California) ($37)

*Due to slow sales of the High Level Tail Lamp option, Ford didn't offer it on the 2-Door
Models for 1970. A redesign of the interior rear window moldings on the 2-door cars to
accommodate a new roof line prevented the older parts from being carried over. The 4-
Door moldings were the same as the previous year, so the High Level lights were
offered one last time only on the 4-Door model.)
Power-Operated Sunroof
Power-Operated Sunroof available for Landau models only. Control switch mounted between sun visors to open or close at the touch of a button.
AM/FM Stereo Radio
AM/FM Stereo Radio has four speakers, front-to-rear and side-to-side balance controls, and a stereo jewel indicator light on the FM dial to advise of stereo reception.  The lens on the dial features new Thunderbird script for 1970, the only script that appears inside a T-Bird since 1967!
Reclining Passenger Seat/Special Brougham Option interior in Ginger
Reclining Passenger Seat is available for all interior trims. This photo illustrates the Special Brougham Option in Ginger.
Tilt Steering Wheel
The unique Tilt-Away Steering Wheel was replaced in 1970 by a regular Tilt Steering Wheel. Still adjustable up or down to the most comfortable position, it no longer moved up and over to the right automatically when the driver's door was opened. The steering wheel shown above is the Deluxe Three-Spoke Rim-Blow Steering Wheel. Squeezing the rim anywhere on the inside of the wheel activated the horns.
Driver's Control Console Armrest
Driver's Control Console Armrest places frequently used controls at their fingertips.

From top to bottom:
- Remote Exterior Mirror Control knob
- Power Seat Cushion Tilt Switches, one controls front of seat cushion, the other the rear of cushion
- Power Seat Adjustment Knob to move entire seat up, down, forward, or back
- Power WIndow switches (L to R: left front, right front, left rear, right rear)
- Power Window Lock switch

(If Vacuum Door Locks were optioned, an additional switch would be placed to the left of the Power Window Lock switch to control the door locks.)
Convenience Check Group
Thunderbird's Convenience Check Group was mounted over windshield, flashed lights to remind passengers to fasten belts, alerted to door ajar, low fuel, or headlights on. A warning buzzer also sounded with headlights on alert. Vacuum Door Locks were part of this group, and were controlled by switch on driver's door armrest.
Auxiliary Grille Lamps (part of Special Brougham Option)
Referred to as Auxiliary Grille Lamps, these lights were part of the Special Brougham Option, which was available only for the Two-Door models. These lights illuminated with the headlamps, providing very distinctive front end lighting at night.  Note the color-keyed front stone shield and deflector (below the grille and headlights, viewed from the top), which was normally a flat gray color (Ford called it "Argent") unless equipped with the Special Brougham Option.
Electric Defrost Rear Window
Electric Defrost Rear Window melted snow and ice quickly, effortlessly. A reminder light on the instrument control glowed to remind driver of operation. Or, a Rear Window Defogger was also available, which featured a two speed fan to reduce fogging of the glass, was also available.
Automatic Temperature Control/Rear Window Defogger
Automatic Temperature Control Panel, left, has controls to provide the exact temperature selected year round, with no further adjustments. Top control lever selects high or low automatic fan speeds, system off, temperature controlled defogging, or maximum heat and fan speed for deicing. Middle control lever selects interior temperature to be maintained. Lower control lever operates the optional Rear Window Defogger with two-speed fan, or the optional Electric Defrost, shown in the photo above right.

For some reason, the Power Vent feature provided with standard heater and manual temperature control air conditioning was not part of the Automatic Temperature Control option.