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Optional Equipment
1968 Thunderbird

429 Thunder Jet V-8 Engine (360 Horsepower) (Became standard
   on January 1, 1968)
($53.18) New option for '68
Limited Slip Differential ($46.69)
High Ratio Axle ($6.53)
Heavy Duty Battery (Standard with 429 Engine) ($7.44)
Heavy Duty Suspension ($27.99)
8.15 x 15 4-Ply White Sidewall Tire Options:
   2 Door without A/C ($43.12)
   2 Door with A/C ($43.19)
8.15 x 15 4-Ply Red Band White Sidewall Tire Options:
   2 Door without A/C ($51.98)
   2 Door with A/C ($52.04)
8.45 x 15 4-Ply Tire Options:
   Black Sidewall (2 Door without A/C) ($18.07)
   White Sidewall (2 Door without A/C) ($61.26)
   White Sidewall (2 Door with A/C and all 4 Door) ($43.19)
   Red Band White Sidewall (2 Door without A/C) ($70.00)
   Red Band White Sidewall (2 Door with A/C and all 4 Door) ($52.04)
215 R15 Radial-Ply White Sidewall (2 Door without A/C) ($117.64)
   New option for '68
215 R 15 Radial-Ply White Sidewall (2 Door with A/C and all 4
   Door) ($101.30) New option for '68
Flight Bucket Seats/Flight Command Console ($64.77) New option for '68
Brougham Interior Trim Options:
   2 Door with Cloth and Vinyl (Requires Flight Bucket
   2 Door or 4 Door with Leather and Vinyl (Requires Flight Bucket
   4 Door with Cloth and Vinyl (Bench seat only) ($161.98)
Reclining Passenger Seat ($41.49)
Adjustable Front Headrests ($42.75) New option for '68
Front Seat Shoulder Belts (Became standard on
   January 1, 1968)
Rear Seat Shoulder Belts ($23.38)
Deluxe Front and Rear Seat Belts ($15.59) New option for '68
Deluxe Front and Rear Shoulder Belts ($18.22)
Appearance Protection Group (Includes Door Edge Guards, License
   Plate Frame, Front and Rear Vinyl Floormats)
   2 Door ($25.28)
   4 Door ($29.17)
Bodyside Protection Moulding ($45.40)
Spare Tire Cover ($5.25)
Deluxe Wheel Covers ($57.08)
Styled Steel Wheel Covers with Chrome Lug Nuts ($35.70)
Body Accent Stripe (Red/White/Black) ($13.90)
Supplemental Brake Lamp ($33.70) New option for '68
Front Cornering Lamps ($33.70) New option for '68
Convenience Check Group
   2 Door ($77.73)
   4 Door ($101.10)
Rear Lamp Monitor ($25.91) New option for '68)
Four Note Horn ($15.59) New option for '68)
Rear Window Defogger ($22.33) New option for '68
Tinted Glass - Complete ($47.49)
SelectAire Conditioner ($427.07)
SelectAire Conditioner with Automatic Climate Control ($499.22) New
   option for '68

Dual Rear Seat Speakers (AM Radio only) ($33.07)
StudioSonic Rear Speaker (AM Radio only) ($53.50)
AM-FM Pushbutton Stereo Radio ($150.29) New option for '68
AM Pushbutton Radio/StereoSonic Tape System ($128.49)
Power Radio Antenna ($28.97)
Highway Pilot Speed Control (Requires Tilt-Away Steering Wheel) ($97.21)
Tilt-Away Steering Wheel ($66.14) New option for '68
Power Deck Lid Release ($14.85)
6-Way Power Seat (Bench or Driver's Bucket) ($97.32)
Power Windows ($103.95)
Visor Vanity Mirror ($3.79)
Luggage (Burgundy/Palomino/Black) (Researching Price—Available
   as a set or individual pieces) New option for '68
Automatic Headlight Dimmer (Special Order) ($51.20)
Automatic Ride Control ($89.94) New option for '68
Deck Lid Luggage Rack - Chrome ($32.45)
Seat Belt Retractors - Set of 2 ($7.10)
1968 Thunderbird Radio Installations:

AM Radio—36,231 (55.8%)
AM/FM Stereo Radio—16,168 (24.9%)
AM Radio/Stereo Tape—12,532 (19.3%)

Power Antenna—22,141 (34.1%)
Automatic Climate Control/Rear Defogger
Automatic Climate Control—set temperature once, and forget. Maintains selected temperature all year long. Rear Defogger features two speed fan to remove fog from rear window at the flick of a switch. Provides air flow of 45 cfm on high fan speed.
Tilt-Away Steering Wheel/Highway Pilot Speed Control
Tilt-Away Steering Wheel moves up and over to the right automatically when driver's door is opened—tilts up or down to most comfortable driving position. Highway Pilot Speed Control allows driver to set speed, coast, or resume speed - all at the touch of a button conveniently mounted on the spokes of the steering wheel.

40,062 1968 Thunderbirds (61.7%) were equipped with the Tilt-Away Steering Wheel, and 7,857 (12.1%) had Highway Pilot.
Convenience Check Panel
Convenience Check Panel, mounted above windshield, flashes lights to remind occupants to fasten seat belts, alerts driver to door ajar, low fuel, or if emergency flasher system is operating. Power door locks, part of this option, feature single switch on driver's door arm rest that locks or unlocks all doors.
Rear Lamp Monitor
Rear Lamp Monitor, mounted on rear package tray, utilizes fiber optics to alert driver if a rear light bulb is not functioning. 8 jeweled segments, one for each bulb, advise exactly which bulb is out. Driver views monitor through floating rear view mirror.

Read the article Fiber Optic Lamp Monitors [link opens new window] in our Auto Brevity section for additional details.
Supplemental Brake Lamp
Seldom seen, the Supplemental Brake Lamp option was available for all models. Lights mounted inside the rear window were part of interior trim moulding, and served as a high level warning to drivers behind of intended turn or stop. High level bulbs Illuminated in sequence with middle tail lamp.
Front Cornering Lamps
Front Cornering Lamps cast a steady beam of light to the side, illuminating the way around corners, and served as a warning to oncoming drivers of an intended turn.
Luggage designed especially for Thunderbirds
Ford offered luggage designed especially for Thunderbirds in three different colors.

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