Automotive Mileposts  
Standard Equipment
Overhead Safety Panel (standard in Town Hardtop and Town Landau models)
1966 Thunderbird
America's Personal Luxury Car

The Overhead Safety Panel lets you know at a glance when you're ready for takeoff. Mounted overhead on Town models, it contains warning lights for Low Fuel, Flasher, Door Ajar, and Seat Belt.
Town Hardtop and Town Landau models featured unique Overhead Safety Panel as standard. Lights warn of "door ajar," "low fuel," "seat belts." The pilot in the photo is about to activate the Emergency Flashers. Pressing on the light lens turns the flashers on or off, and the light on overhead console flashes with exterior warning lights. Simulated woodgrain embellishes the Town Landau panel, and textured black appears on the Town Hardtop panel, to match the lower console appearance. The Automatic Door Lock control, also standard on both Town models, is located on console.
315 Horsepower Thunderbird Special V-8
     Engine New for '66
Cruise-O-Matic Drive
Double-Sided Door/Ignition and Trunk/Glove
     Box Keys
Keyless Door Locking
Individually-Adjustable Shell Contour Front
Retractable Front Seat Belts with Automatic
     Reminder Light
Color-Keyed Rear Seat Belts New for '66
Rear Center Folding Arm Rest
Front Center Arm Rest
Padded Instrument Panel and Sun Visors
Crank-Adjusted Vent Windows
Floating Day/Night Inside Rear View Mirror
Remote Control Left Exterior Mirror
Automatic Parking Brake Release
Swing-Away Steering Wheel
Integral-Type Power Steering
Overhead Safety Panel (Town models only)
     New for '66

Silent-Flo Ventilation System (Hardtop and
     Town models only)

Power Front Disc Brakes
All-Transistor AM Pushbutton Radio with
MagicAire Heater-Defroster
Electric Clock
Courtesy Lights
Safety-Courtesy Door Lights
Glove Box Light
Lighted Ignition Switch
Roof Bow Light (Convertible only)
Trunk Light
Backup Lights
Emergency Flasher System New for '66
Sequential Turn Signals
Dual Exhaust with Aluminized/Stainless
     Steel Mufflers
Shielded Alternator
Variable-Speed Windshield Wipers and
     Electric Washers
Complete Underbody Soundcoating
Full Wheel Covers
Fully Lined Luggage Compartment
C6 3-Speed Dual Range Automatic Transmission
A new C6 3-Speed Dual Range Automatic Transmission would replace the dated Cruise-O-Matic early in production.
Silent-Flo Ventilation
Silent-Flo Ventilation utilized the low pressure area just behind the rear window of a moving vehicle to pull air from inside out. Bleed valve in vacuum supply line between the vent itself and the Rear Vent control allowed vent to close automatically after engine was shut off.
Power Front Disc Brakes
Thunderbird's Power Front Disc Brakes were among the best in the industry when introduced as standard equipment in 1965. The T-Bird's competitors plodded on with drum brakes for 1966, still a few years away from realizing the value of safe brakes.
Sequential Turn Signals
How many people bought a Thunderbird in 1966 just for the rear turn signals? Sequential Turn Signals are set in full-width taillights for 1966, clearly indicating the direction of your turn with a distinctive flow of light.
Swing-Away Steering Wheel (Town Landau interior shown)
The Swing-Away Steering Wheel would make its last appearance in 1966. Padded instrument panel was a standard
safety feature. Town Landau interior shown above in White with Emberglo appointments.

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