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1955 Ford Thunderbird
Standard Equipment


292 Y-Block 4V V-8 Engine (193 Horsepower)
3-Speed Conventional Drive
Semi-Centrifugal Type Clutch
6.70 x 15 4-Ply Tubeless BSW Tires
Dual Exhausts
Pleated Vinyl Upholstery
Astra-Dial Control Panel
Variable-Intensity Illuminated Control Knobs
Automatic Courtesy Light on Instrument Panel
Rear View Mirror on Windshield Upper Molding
Dual Horns
Half-Circle Horn Ring
3-Inch In-Out Adjustable Telescoping Steering Wheel
Electric Clock with Sweep Second Hand
4-Way Power Seat+
Cigarette Lighter and Ash Tray
Glass-Fibre Top (added early in production)

+4-Way Power Seat listed as standard at introduction, may have become optional during production.

Note: Initially, the 1955 Thunderbird didn't appear to be equipped with any top at all. The Glass-Fibre Top was added to the list of standard equipment as a running change.

Image: 1955 Thunderbird interior

Above: Astra-Dial Control Panel, Tachometer, Electric Clock, pleated vinyl upholstery, rear view mirror on windshield upper molding, and other standard features.