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1963 Buick Riviera
Standard Equipment

Turbine Drive Transmission
325-Horsepower Wildcat V-8 Engine
Heater and Defroster*
Easy Power Steering
Power Brakes
Windshield Washer
2-Speed Electric Windshield Wipers
Back-Up Lights
Glareproof Mirror
Parking Brake Signal Light
Safety Buzzer
Map Light
Riviera Wheel Covers
Electric Clock
Riviera Steering Wheel
Automatic Trunk Light
License Plate Frame
Aluminum Front Brake Drums
Full-Flow Oil Filter
Reusable Air Cleaner Element
Step-On Parking Brake
Instrument Panel Safety Pad
Directional Signals
Trip Mileage Indicator
Glove Compartment Light
Smoking Set
Rear Seat Ash Trays
Dual Sun Shades
Bucket Seats—Front and Rear
Door-Operated Courtesy Lights
Deep-Pile Carpeting
Foam-Padded Seats
6,000-Mile Lubed Front Suspension
Delcotron Generator
Self-Adjusting Brakes

*Delete option at reduced cost

1963 Buick Riviera

1963 Buick Riviera quarter roof detailPerhaps the most important standard item on the new 1963 Buick Riviera was its elegant styling and sporty appearance. In the personal luxury field, the way an automobile looked was perhaps one of its most important considerations. Of course, items such as a powerful V-8 engine, power steering, and power brakes were generally accepted as a requirement for any personal luxury car. Passenger comfort and convenience rank up there as well, which is why a myriad of details were considered during the creation of the Riviera, including a balance of bright work, subtlety of color, and richness of texture.

But none of these things really matter if the appearance of the automobile isn't impressive enough to warrant closer inspection. We won't call attention to any particular car, but history includes several that presented themselves as personal luxury cars, but didn't really have that special "something" that allowed it to truly achieve such a lofty label.

The Riviera by Buick is not one of those cars. Not only did it attain the lofty label of personal luxury car, it enforced the ideal that a personal luxury car had to be better than other cars on the road. They had to ride better, perform better, handle better, provide better comfort and convenience features, and they had to look better.

Details such as the placement of chrome trim, colors offered, and the way the car looks from all angles are considered. Few cars get all of these details right. The 1963 Buick Riviera is one of them.