1 EXCELLENT/SHOW CAR A masterpiece, this perfect original car is in the same condition it was in when delivered new or better; or a professionally-restored car that has been restored to new or better than new condition. This car is not driven, and is transported to shows in an enclosed trailer. Normally stored in a secured, temperature and humidity controlled environment when not being shown, this car would be expected to come within a point or two of a perfect score when judged by professionals using current criteria.
2 FINE An original car with very low miles that has been meticulously maintained since new; or an older professional restoration that has seen very limited use since restoration. Very close inspection by an expert may detect almost insignificant flaws or wear, but to most enthusiasts the car would look perfect. This car would come within several points of a perfect score when judged, and would receive the top award at a show unless a true Number 1 car were also being judged.
3 VERY GOOD A well-maintained original car that has been driven limited miles over the years; is completely operable with all equipment working as designed, and at first glance may look perfect; or an older restoration that has been driven limited miles since the restoration was completed, and is showing minor wear and tear from being on display at car shows. Closer inspection may reveal minor wear on parts susceptible to showing wear, such as brake and gas pedals, and some thinning of paint and chrome finishes may also be noticed.
4 GOOD Major  components function properly, and the vehicle is completely safe to drive but may need minor repairs to mechanical systems. No parts are missing, but this car has been driven on a regular basis and may need a paint job and a few trim pieces rechromed or replaced. Amateur restorations usually fall into this category, as do very old professional restorations that have deteriorated due to use and exposure to the elements.
5 RESTORABLE May or may not be running; everything on the car needs to be restored; may be missing minor parts, but the major components are there. Any body damage due to collision or rust should be minor; some surface rust may appear, but no holes should be present. The car is structurally sound, but needs cosmetic updating to paint, upholstery and top material, as well as repairs to various mechanical components.
6 PARTS CAR Probably not running well, if at all; missing some major as well as minor parts; may have serious body damage due to wreck or rust through. Soft trim and rubber parts are most likely completely ruined from weathering and exposure. This vehicle needs many parts and has deteriorated to the point of not being a good candidate for restoration.
Other sources list vehicle condition on a 1-4 or 1-5 scale; we believe the 1-6 scale above allows a better representation of overall vehicle condition, and leaves less to individual interpretation. There doesn't seem to be one specific industry standard at this time.
A 1963 Thunderbird Convertible in like new condition or better would be given a #1 or Excellent/Show Car rating.
A 1963 Thunderbird Convertible in like new condition or better would be given a #1 or Excellent/Show Car rating.
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