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Lincoln Mig Welder

Save money by welding auto body replacement panels yourself, or cut out rusty sections and replace with clean metal!

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This welder can save you a lot of money over the years. Here are some of the features and benefits:

  • Use it for home, auto, arts and crafts projects, and more
  • Portable - weighs 58 lbs. and has built in carrying handle
  • Pays for itself the first few times it's used
  • Uses standard house current
  • Easier to learn and use than other types of welding equipment
  • 6 different power settings adjust for type of metal, thickness, etc.

We found that the Lincoln Mig Welder is absolutely the way to go for the novice as well as the experienced user. More efficient and the large wire spool capacity is great since it eliminates the constant stopping to relight! Works best on clean metal, and professional results can be achieved quickly with just a little practice.

Once mastered, you will be surprised at how many projects around the house and garage can be created or repaired by welding. You'll look for things to weld with your Lincoln Mig Welder, and you'll have a real feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment knowing the job was done well, and in the knowledge that you've mastered this technique! Lincoln is the recognized, quality brand name that you can depend on for many years of trouble-free use.


• Magnum 100L gun with a 10 foot cable assembly, brass gun connection, and a 4-pin MS-type connection for trigger control
• Three .025" contact tips • Three .035" contact tips • gasless nozzle for Innershield welding • gas nozzle for MIG welding

• Spindle adapter for 8" diameter spools • .025" and .035" wire diameter drive roll for MIG welding • .030"-.045" wire diameter knurled drive roll for Flux-Cored welding

Shielding Gas Apparatus:
• Harris 3000290 gas regulator and 52-inch hose for use with C02 or argon blend gases

Welding Wire:
• 2 lb. spool of .025" diameter SuperArc L-56 premium MIG wire
• 1 lb. spool of .035" diameter Innershield NR-211-MP flux-cored wire


Rated CV Output: 19 amps / 19.5 volts / 20% duty cycle
Output Range: 30 - 140A DC
Wire Feed Speed Range: 50 - 500 IPM
Solid Wire Size: .025-.035"
Cored Wire Size: .035"
Dimensions: 14" H x 10.15" W x 18.6" D
Weight: 58 lbs.