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Electroplating Kit - Tin / Zinc

Restore chrome parts at home! It's easy...

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"Just a quick note to say I got one of the Tin-Zinc Electroplating Kits that you sell on your Automotive Mileposts/Eastwood site a while back and I finally tried it on some brackets and assorted other parts I thought looked bad. I got to tell you that I am impressed with the results. Anyone with a bunch of small parts that need that shiny silvery finished surface that can't be done with a spray can, this will do the job! My parts now look brand new - this took all the years of them. Now I'm poking around the garage looking for more stuff to plate. If anyone's in doubt about this product, just send them my way. Before long, I'll need to wear glasses in my shop because of all the glare from my shiny parts!!" - Phil Cook

This item has received a strongly recommended rating, due to the amount of money it can save you over the years. Here are some of the features and benefits:

  • Available in Chrome, Gold, Silver, Copper, or Black-Nickel kits
  • Pays for itself with just one use
  • Easy to use at home
  • Bright polished or dull finish, depending on original surface
  • Great for all the small items that are too expensive to send out
  • Professional results
  • No strong smell—can be used indoors

We found that parts in good condition receive the best results, with a show quality finish, but even parts in poor condition can be made to look new again with proper preparation. Heavily rusted and pitted parts, as well as damaged parts will not produce the same results, but are generally satisfactory, given proper preparation beforehand.